Fulfilling relationships are not an accident

…Real joyous mature satisfying relationships are based on strength, mutual respect and admiration, shared values and purpose.

…People who are insecure don’t know how to engage in relationships of equality & strength. They’d rather be needed than loved out of choice.

…If control is your security, you can neither have genuine nor wholesome relationships. Relationships require an investment of freedom.

…Love is a decision but still don’t get with people you don’t have any feelings for. It’s God’s wisdom why your body responds to certain things.

…If you find a perfect man who is older than 35 but claims to have no past, chances are he belongs to somebody or everybody else.

…If you look at your life & find that the thing that you have in common with most of your friends is offence or strife, it’s time to change…

…To understand any human being, you have to first discern their interests and reasons. Interestingly, primary reasons are not always apparent.

…If you want to discern the character of a person, check out those who are closest to him or her and endorse him long-term. Watch also how long he lasts after a major storm.

…If you are the only one who understands him or her, chances are he or she is very dysfunctional and you are blinded by emotions. Wake up goose!

…If you win the argument, contest or debate but lose the relationship, you will later discover you sustained a greater loss than you may ever know.

…Only open your heart completely to people who can handle the worst and best of you without diminishing your personhood, dignity and future.

…Only open your heart wholly to those who reciprocate. You will never enjoy meaningful relationships with those who are uneasy with your emotions.

…Until preserving relationship is more important than being right, you will never know the joy and liberty of unrestrained love and intimacy.

…Some relationships are damaged because one of the parties only speaks the language of combat. Love is a different language. It’s of the heart.

…Your most dangerous enemies are duplicitous people who smile and keep you close in order to maintain advantage. All of us choose our own Judas.

…When you don’t know how to yield to love, you won’t know how to yield to God either. He is LOVE. Never become hard-hearted whatever happens.

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