Don’t miss out! Make sure you receive the Prophet’s Reward

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Every man and woman can only play the part in life that God gives to them. If the articles and videos in this magazine have been a vehicle to help you, please recognize that God is the One who is working to bring help to you through our ministry. The Word of God is the bread of life, and God sends men and women to break that bread and share it among the people.

Have you noticed that it is possible to go to church for years and never get much from God? People build churches without being sent by God, and they look successful because they have a great marketing strategy, yet there’s no revelation of the Word in those churches! But if you listen to someone anointed, you will hear the Word of the Lord.

Every breakthrough you will ever have will be connected to the revelation that comes out of the mouth of the prophet that God shows you.

Whose voice are you embracing as the prophet sent to you by God?

As you sow into the ministry of the prophet God sent you, you make a spiritual connection that goes beyond simply hearing the Word he speaks to you, because you reciprocate in the way that God prescribes in 1 Corinthians 9:11 – you receive spiritual things and you respond with natural things. Now something extra takes place, just as it did when the leper went back to thank Jesus for his healing and walked away, not only with his healing, but with his total life wholeness! The flow of the anointing on the prophet comes to you also, and the power of God to lift you up and make you whole is released in your life in a new way. It’s called the prophet’s reward, and it is God’s will and purpose that you obtain that reward.

Today I invite you to partner with us and to sow into the anointing on our lives, just as we also have done in the past in recognition of the men and women God sent to us.

As you do so, I pray and declare over you that the same anointing that God has graciously given to us is released in great measure into your life also. I declare that burdens and removed and yokes are destroyed, and from this point onward there is nothing that can keep you down. Prosperity is yours!

I declare that every need and every want is met in the name of Jesus. I release the anointing to heal physical sickness and to minster to the pain of every soul. The healing balm is coming upon you even as you read these words, because the realm of the spirit knows no time or distance.

I bless you and speak peace over you. For every door that is shut in your face, there are multitudes of open doors for you. For everything that was lost or stolen from you there is recompense because He is Jehovah Gmolah to you.  I declare wholeness in your family and the spirit of division will no longer wreak havoc in your life.  Promotion is coming to you sweatlessly, and the anointing to minster to others and preach the gospel with great results is coming on your life. From now on, every shortage and every lack is replaced with abundance and overflow in the name of Jesus! Amen!

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