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Trust the anointing

1-28-15 3

Luke 5:15

But so much the more the news spread abroad concerning Him, and great crowds kept coming together to hear [Him] and to be healed by Him of their infirmities.(Amp)

Why do you go to church?

Are you like many Christians who go out of habit, or to salve their conscience, or maybe to check out the talent among the congregation?

But church shouldn’t be purely natural; we are a supernatural people!

We’re calling an end to church that is predictable and academic; church should not just be a classroom, because God Himself is not someone we are supposed to simply learn about – He is alive and real!

We want it to be like when Paul preached in the book of Acts, and while He was still preaching, the Holy Spirit fell. We want to experience Him in power!

Some churches go as far as to say that the times for those things has passed away and that our job is to focus on preaching the gospel so that people can get born again.

If Jesus could not preach the gospel, or get the whole job done without demonstrating the Kingdom, then we are missing something if we settle for a Christianity that is based on rhetoric and fine sounding sermons.

Being born again is vital, but it is far from the fullness of what God has for us. In fact, it is just the beginning. If it was all about just getting born again, then God may as well let us die as soon as we make our decision for Him! But He doesn’t do that, because there is so much more that He has in store for us to experience of His goodness and power.

You can be one of two types of Christian: you can let your faith rest in the in the wisdom of men, and that will work to a large degree. The wisdom you receive will help you in many ways. But what will you do when you come up against something that you cannot shift in the natural realm?

Alternatively you can be someone whose faith rests in the power of God. You depend on and trust in the manifestation of the anointing to see the impossible accomplished in your life.

Have you ever seen the power of God to the point where it challenges your natural thinking? If not, then you haven’t really experienced the anointing in your life. Yet the Word tells us that when you got born again, you received an anointing that abides. You have access to another realm – the realm of the supernatural!

For us to see the fullness of what God has promised us this year, we will have to decide to trust the anointing. This was one of God’s instructions to us.

Ultimately, Christianity is just another religion – another moral code, until we see something. If you ask a Hindu and a Moslem and a Jehovah’s Witness, what they can offer you from their Holy books, there is no doubt that they too have some wisdom, some moral teachings and some fine sounding sermons. But when you say, like Elijah, “Whoever, is God, let Him answer by fire”, finally you can see who is truly Lord of Heaven and Earth.

When natural people run out of answers, they contemplate suicide; their education can’t help them any more, their money won’t touch it, their network of friends won’t bring the answer they need and now they are bankrupt of possibilities.

But for us it is different. We have access to the power and the anointing of God. we are only just getting started in seeing all that is possible for us.

In this year of Unlimited Possibilities, learn to trust the anointing. Decide to step out beyond where you have gone before. Come to church expecting to hear and to be healed. Come expecting God to move in your circumstances. Come to church because it’s the place of His power!


When your husband or wife seems impossible!


When we get married, we are looking forward to years of loving companionship, We are happy to announce ourselves fully booked and content. We are eager and ready to become one flesh in every way.

And so it should be that way.

However, the reality is that becoming one flesh is no joke, and sooner or later all of us hit a challenge because the “becoming” part is far from easy.

In fact, things often seem to be going in the opposite direction..

The opposite of “one flesh” is distance and disconnection. It can happen that, what once started out warm and intimate becomes cool and barely even polite.

This is the result of discovering things about your spouse over the course of time, which are difficult to deal with. Often the behavior of the other seems unfathomable, unpredictable and unloving. It can drive you to believe that the fault with your waning relationship rests entirely on the other, since his or her actions and reactions are so utterly impossible to handle.

But the fact is that this state of affairs is completely normal and to be expected, since you married an individual, who, simply by reason of being a member of the opposite sex, is wired entirely differently to you!

Consider these typical traits of male and female “wiring”:

  • A man has a strong drive and strong opinions. He finds it hard to admit that he is wrong. When a man presents ideas to his wife, he is looking for endorsement, not discussion!
  • Since Adam received his commission to work before he received Eve, to this day men have a confusing drive to pursue their work at the expense of their family sometimes.
  • A man has almost an obsession with respect. Whatever you are discussing, if your approach is wrong and he starts to feel disrespected, the new topic of conversation will be how you disrespected him, until you put that right.
  • A man has a strong drive to seek sexual fulfilment. If a man says he isn’t bothered about being married, he is finding an outlet for his sexual drive somewhere else!
  • A man is easily a creature of habit; he will want to sit in the same chair, eat the same food, tell the same jokes and repeat the same daily routines; in fact he has to work hard at not becoming boring!
  • A man is profoundly insecure and fears that one day he will be uncovered as not being everything that he is outwardly making out. Yet his fragile ego is also the power house of his ability to take you somewhere and to become great. As a woman you should build your man up, rather than attempt to bring him down a peg or two!
  • A woman is emotionally unpredictable and changeable. Her moods fluctuate from one day to the next and even from one moment to the next. To a man she can seem exhausting in the emotional demands she makes.
  • She desires conversation and connection. She loves to explore and express her feelings and observations.
  • A woman will want to talk about an issue until she feels that you have heard her. Until she feels that way, the subject is not closed!
  • A woman feels the tone of everything you say to her, far more than she hears the words themselves. Not only that but she never forgets what you said to her, especially if it was hurtful, and you never made it right.
  • A woman needs affection, which does not always turn into a sexual encounter. She wants to be held and stroked, simply so that she can feel that you cherish her.
  • A woman who loves you will see what you can become – she will see the king in you. When you feel she is nagging, she is actually trying to make you into that king.
  • A woman is wired to help you, to incubate what you give her and to present to you something far more creative and developed. If you tell her your plans and ideas, don’t expect them to remain the way you stated them. She isn’t meddling, she is bringing you her contribution with a view to helping you!

The hardest thing about all of this is that none of us find it comfortable or easy to accept and embrace the differences of another person. Our instinct is to try and make the other person conform to how we are.

Men want the women to respond to them as another man would and they wish that their woman would stop being so much work!

Women want the men to be more sensitive and communicative, because it’s tough for them living with someone who doesn’t want to give much emotionally.

Yet God has given to us, not what we feel we need, but what HE can see that we need. He knows that if we stay entrenched in our own way of being, we will be less than what we could be, even though we may feel it’s an easier deal.

As we make the uncomfortable stretch to understand our spouse, and to accommodate and fulfil their needs, even though we may feel that those needs are unreasonable or unnecessary, God does an amazing thing; He makes us into the person that we ought to be in His plan and purpose.

Don’t try and make your husband or wife into your image; allow them to be, in your life, the creation that God has set alongside you, made in His image.

Make a decision that every effort you put into yielding to the needs and demands of your spouse, to give them what they want within reason and within the boundaries of morality, is entirely worth it, since the rewards that you will reap both in your own success as an individual and as a couple, will far outweigh the cost.

Settle it forever that becoming one flesh is God’s purpose for you in marriage, and that your willingness to bend and change to make your wife or husband happy, is an honorable thing.

Finally, welcome the process! Jump right in and give it all you have. The benefits of a happy spouse will far exceed the price of your sacrifice. Not only that, but the promotion that God gives, as your character becomes mature and fully formed, will bring fulfilment that cannot be attained any other way.


Stopping the cycle of broken relationships

DRM and PS India

Psalm 25:12

Who is the man who reverently fears and worships the Lord? Him shall He teach in the way that he should choose.

Most people spend a lot of time in life recovering from the after-effects of wrong choices.

When you experience soulish illnesses like anger, depression, loneliness and disconnectedness, you can easily become desperate, and desperation makes you act rashly. Before you know it you are picking up the pieces from another broken relationship, because you rushed headlong into something that wasn’t healthy for you.

But God’s priceless gift to us, as believers, is the ability to navigate relationship choices successfully, and choose wisely.

We are not trapped in the inevitable cycle of acting out of desperation. God will answer the cry of our hearts for relationships that are deeply satisfying, and bring out the best in us.

The first step you need to take is simple: look to God for His direction in who to choose.

You may think you know how to choose because you have your own preferences and ideas. You have already been taught by others – and besides which, you have seen a bit of life by now!

Something wonderful happens when you decide to yield all that to your Heavenly Father and ask Him to teach you. You will enter into a whole new level of wisdom and understanding. You are on the road to the fulfilment of your heart’s desires, because there’s no one who knows you like He does.

For a start you will begin to discern infatuation and stop confusing it with love.

Infatuation is when you’ve been together two weeks and you are already saying you love each other! Infatuation is when there is a great sense of intimacy based on the fun you have when you are together on a date. You like them but you don’t really know them outside of the context of fun.

Infatuation is when you don’t even ask questions about the true character of the other person; and you certainly don’t want any of your friends, let alone your parents, to give their perspective on the relationship. You just know that he or she is hot, and that is enough for you!

Infatuation is when you are caught up entirely in the way you feel, and the whole relationship revolves around that. For a relationship to be real, it has to be focused on the other person – who they are, what they want and where they are going in life.

Genuine love tries its best to enter into how the other is feeling, even though men and women are so different in the way they process things. Genuine love will learn what it is like to be the other sex, instead of trying to make the other the same as them. Genuine love is not about self, it is always willing to see life from the other perspective.

Genuine love fosters a sense of security and feelings of trust. That is why co-habiting is so confusing. It sends the message, “I love you so much that I want to be with you – but maybe not forever.” For genuine love to blossom there has to be a focus on each other, which is exclusive. You can develop affection with five people, but real love has only room for two.

You can tell when you are maturing in the area of relationships because the drama becomes less and less. You spend less time planning your next move to outwit the other, and more time yielding to the other. Militancy dissipates and warmth takes over.

It’s no longer about pointed silences, keeping a record of wrongs, and proving the other one to be at fault – it’s about the quality of the love you share. You may end up losing the argument, but you will win the person, and that is the highest prize.

Finally you will have the wisdom not to give too much too soon. Let the relationship evolve and give it space. Give yourself some alone time to figure out what you feel and to consider where this relationship is going.

It’s a delicate dance – “How much do I release and how much do I hold back?” You are constantly evaluating whether there is an equivalent exchange being made by the other side so that you don’t get burnt, or remain too aloof.

Don’t give up other trusted friends, just because you have a new man in your life. If you attempt to lose yourself in this new relationship, you will not be able to give it your best, and they will help you to see things more clearly as you grow.

Everything of significance will happen to you in the context of relationships, so decide right now, that you will receive from God’s hand, relationships that enhance your life, and propel you towards your destiny. Not only will He meet you at your point of faith, He will hold your heart in the process as you seek to follow His leading. There is no one like our God!


The Kingdom of God is power

2-27-15 6

1 Corinthians 4:20

For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power

There are so many Christians who have grown up in church and never seen anything supernatural take place.

In fact, in many churches it isn’t even about the Bible any more. If you take your cancer diagnosis to church, they will offer you some sympathy and a support group and watch you die.

When you get among Christians who don’t believe in the power of God, they honor you for how well you are coping with the treatment.

I don’t want you to congratulate me or sympathize with me. Don’t turn me loose until the power of God comes on me. We have authority and power and it is in the anointing. Being a carnal church, where everyone looks the part but there is no genuine passion for God, cannot be an option for us in this generation.

It’s time that Christians became spiritual instead of being so normal they are unable to operate in the realm of the spirit. Just talking about a supernatural God won’t do it; just celebrating that God is in the midst of His people, isn’t enough – even right there in His presence, believers will remain subject to the same things as unbelievers, until they engage with the anointing through action and bold faith.

Just like in Acts chapter 4, when the Christians were being intimidated to stop preaching the Word in the name of Jesus, they prayed for added boldness and power to see signs and wonders performed at their hands, so we must answer the voices of discouragement and unbelief in the world and even the church with the same response.

In fact I am after the demon that deceives Christians into believing that they can live the Christian life without the anointing.

The truth is that you are and I are full of power.

We are not sorry people having to deal with the demons of our fathers. We have power to resist sin. Grace is not a license to sin; it is the power to overcome sin.

You have to start the new trend in your family. Break away from the status quo and get hold of the power of God for your life and future. Don’t blame anyone for where you are because it will cause you to waste time working out whose fault it really is! Recognize, “Whatever the sickness or disease, however disturbing the fear and distressing the lack; however long the addiction has had its hold and however dark the depression seems to be, I have power over it!”

We are no longer content to fight for the right not to be supernatural. We have power to recreate lungs and ear drums and hearts. God is not subject to our intellect. Our God can move; He isn’t weak. Our God doesn’t condemn the wrong doer; His power isn’t blocked by a man’s sin. In fact He is powerful to demonstrate such goodness right in the middle of our human weaknesses and mistakes, that it will irresistibly draw the one who did wrong to love Him.

We don’t panic like the world panics when the doctor says its terminal. We don’t give up on life when storms come. We have the power to command natural circumstances and to take authority over everything that opposes the blessing of God on our lives.

According to Isaiah 10:27 the anointing will remove the burden from men’s shoulders and destroy the yoke from off their neck.

One thing is for certain, the common denominator with every human being is that somewhere, each one has a reason why they need the anointing power of God.

Everyone has something in life that causes them to walk more bowed over than they ought to, as if carrying a heavy burden. Everyone will find themselves, sooner or later, doing things that they said they never would do. You wanted to serve the Lord and have a great family, but something has you by the neck.

Even if right now you are only aware of your natural strength and you feel that you can make it by the force of your money, your education and your connections; pretty soon it will be revealed to you, that you have a profound need for the anointing.

In this year of Unlimited Possibilities, we will have to trust the anointing of God in order to see manifestation. It’s not going to come about in our own ability, but the power of God will get the job done.


Releasing power for healing


Acts 10:38

…How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of classroom Christianity!

The hallmark of Jesus’ ministry was the demonstration of His authority in the Earth. Notice from this verse that He didn’t just have the Holy Spirit, as so many of us today would boast; He operated in power.

If we are going to be faithful to bring Jesus to our generation, we will have to do the same.

The problem we face as the church of Jesus Christ, is that we have become so sophisticated. We have so many explanations and diagnoses for the sicknesses of our lives. We medicate absolutely everything and we have a psychological analysis for every malfunction of society.

But look at the simplicity of the Bible: “Jesus healed all who were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him”

It’s time to come off the fence and decide what we truly believe. Do we believe in sickness or in healing? Do we believe in lack or provision?

The devil wants to mess you up and keep you lukewarm and wishy-washy by getting you to call your indecisiveness wisdom. But the truth is that you are neither hot nor cold, and God cannot use your life in the demonstration of His power.

It’s time to come out of the classroom, and stop claiming to be experts when there are no results to settle the matter.

It is a vastly different thing from taking a course of study about management, to actually running your own business enterprise. Ante natal classes are worlds away from the reality of pushing a baby out, and reading the books on marriage will not make you immune to marriage challenges.

Jesus said, “If I drive out the devil by the finger of God, then you know that the Kingdom of God has come among you.”

You thought it was just your mind playing tricks, your emotions taking a dip, or the weakness in your family line that has been causing you this sickness, this depression and these suicidal thoughts. But no, it is the spirit of death attacking you. Be alert to his schemes, and remember that there isn’t a devil in hell that isn’t subject to the name of Jesus – regardless of where it came from. Jesus, under the anointing, was able to exercise power over every sickness and work of the enemy.

Declare it right now, in the authority given to you as a blood-washed believer, “In the name of Jesus, I declare that every sickness and every power of the evil one in my life is destroyed, and I receive the anointing that is on Jesus to make me whole!”

Jesus’ earthly ministry was filled with glorious manifestations of victory over the works of Satan. Almost wherever He went, He healed them all.

Matthew 8:16-17 explains why. It says that a Word had gone out from God via the prophet Isaiah, that was still pending fulfilment. On the basis of that Word, the people HAD to be healed.

 That Word in Isaiah 53 has not lost it’s power and it is pending fulfilment in THIS generation . Jesus Himself bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases; by His stripes we are healed.

He was bruised for our iniquity – that’s the ending of the generation curse that runs through your family – and the punishment that brought us Shalom, with nothing missing and nothing broken, was upon Him.

When Jesus gave up His life, He bore all the cancer, heart disease, bone disorders, depression, digestive problems and everything else that can come upon our bodies and souls. It says of Him that His appearance was marred so greatly, that he no longer even looked human under the affects of that experience. He bore it all in His body on that tree.

The question for you and me is this: can we see Him, our personal physician, carrying OUR afflictions? Or will we continue to wonder if and when He will heal us? Will we still talk about OUR arthritis, and OUR diabetes? Will we still define ourselves by what illnesses we have survived or suffered? Or will we recognize, “My God, there isn’t a single disease left for me, because He bore them ALL!”

Can you see Him bearing them? Can you see yourself free of those things?

If you can you can step into the manifestation of your healing. Take a stand that you will no longer wait for your health and soundness to be restored. Act on your healing instead of on your sickness; SEE Him carrying it all for you, and SEE yourself whole.

The power of God is real and the time for the demonstration of it has come!



Your motive is dynamite



I Corinthians 13: 2-3

…Though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.

Has it ever struck you how amazing it is how far people will go to convince you that they are impressive?

Some pastors have cashed in on this by lining people up in church on a Sunday to declare how much they are giving to the church. They have understood that people like to be seen to be generous.

You may never have questioned the type of actions described in 1 Corinthians 13, or indeed thought that they could be anything but genuine demonstrations of love, but God says, “What is the motive for your sacrifice?”

You may think that the girl who dances so beautifully before the Lord every week in church is the most spiritual person in the congregation, but maybe she is just doing it to be seen!

There is a quality of heart that God is looking for as we believe Him for unlimited possibilities this year, and that quality is that of generosity.

As you have already seen from this scripture, generosity is about far more than simply money, although finances cannot be left out. Generosity is an attitude that characterizes your whole life and brings you the kind of breakthrough that only God can give!

Generosity is powerful because it is a wide open embracing of others into your life. It is the opposite of cheapness and stinginess. It refuses to be limited by the fear of running out.

A generous person makes a mark on every life he or she touches to give the other the advantage. A generous person will always lift, strengthen and help another, and leave them better than before they met. A generous person will never be ignored, or forgotten, or dismissed as insignificant.

In fact, if you have a generous approach to people, you will never have to convince them that you are anointed or significant. They will know that you added value to their life, just by being around them. They will genuinely miss you when you are not there.

Ask yourself this question,” If I didn’t show up at church one week, or if I didn’t go to work for a day, would anyone miss me?” The answer will let you know the level of generosity and the contribution you are making right now

Wherever you are at, it’s time to intensify. The instruction God gave us this year, was that intensifying our generosity would be an important part of our ability to reach higher and go further in our own lives.

It’s time to become intense that anyone who comes into your presence is going to be lifted and promoted. You don’t just live to receive all the time, and see what others can do for you. No, you are intense about making sure others get the best of what you can offer.

If you are going to love your wife, men, don’t leave her feeling disappointed that she knows you could have loved her with more of you, but you held yourself back.

If you are going to raise up some children, don’t let them think that they are little nuisances. In fact, make sure they know without a doubt that you are crazy about them!

The hardest way to live your life is to focus on what you can receive all the time – always measuring how well others are pleasing and serving you.

Your life can become like the Dead Sea, which has streams leading into it, but no outward flow. The water is so concentrated with all kinds of minerals and salts, that it is poisonous to every living thing.

The Sea of Galilee, however, has streams leading in and out. The water is fresh and teaming with life.

When you get ready to go to the next level in your life, you will stop resenting the need to release some things. You will adopt an attitude of liberality, because you will be desperate to do everything it takes to make the progress you seek.

If you are ready to see God move on your behalf, don’t be relaxed about this instruction; make it your focus every day. Don’t let it be just one of the things you are mulling over – let it be your central thought.

As you walk in this, nothing about you will ever be able to remain average, because you have just employed some dynamite. Everything is about to change – AND FAST!



Make your circumstances work for you


1-28-15 UK pastors

2 Corinthians 4:16-17

Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.  For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory

2015 has been called the year of Unlimited Possibilities for one reason only – so that you and I can have and experience exactly that!

That means this – every plan of the devil that seems to be prevailing in your life, is changing. Just as God provided another seed for Eve after the devastation of Abel’s death; so He has outmaneuvered the devil in your life too.

Recognize this today, and release your faith for it: “There are more possibilities in my life than it looks like, from where I am standing right now. I am not stranded or trapped; God has saved the best for last.”

If you are going to maximize the goodness of God this year, you are going to have to start with the impossible. Don’t start with what you can afford by yourself – there’s nothing supernatural in that. If you were fired, don’t think just about getting another job – think about promotion! Go beyond what you would naturally expect. In other words, defy your natural circumstances and keep your expectation fixed on the will of God for you: abundance, victory, miracles and blessing.

That means that you will refuse to take instruction from your circumstances.

Notice that your circumstances will be talking to you every day – and they will be saying something contrary to your dreams and desires. You have to have the discipline to keep your faith set on what you want, and entrust your dreams to God.

I have learnt two vital things as I have walked my journey with God, and these things will be an anchor for you this year as you handle circumstances that scream something different from what you believe should be happening for you.

The first is this: God will never mismanage your life. He can be absolutely trusted with the things you have asked of Him in the quietness of your heart. It doesn’t matter who is threatening your advance, no one has the ability to meddle with what God is doing in your life.

The second is this: He has the unerring ability and power to work everything together for your good if you will praise Him through it. Even when everyone else is waiting for you to die, like they waited for Paul to die when the snake fastened itself to his hand, God will turn everything for your advantage and use every set back as a set up to take you higher.

Just as Joseph was thrown into jail, even after he had worked his way up in Potiphar’s house, and hadn’t done anything wrong, the jail was just a set up for the throne.

When things turn in a direction that stuns and dismays you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have done anything wrong. It’s just that this is your path to where you have dreamed about.

You are believing for promotion, but it seems like all of a sudden, what you thought was your way up, starts to shut down. God is simply removing the things that you thought were your security, but which were actually hindering your advance. That is the time to hold steady and trust God. Even though it feels shaky and insecure because your manna has dried up, the truth is that you are about to step into your Promised Land. Don’t camp in the place of transition – let God take you into that land!

You are expecting to be anointed, influential and prominent, but in the privacy of your own life, it seems like the devil is trying to devour you and it takes all your strength to fight those battles. Don’t panic; you are just like David, who fought the lion and the bear on the hillside, and then had to meet Goliath in one to one combat and slay him too. Your current fights are a set up in preparation for your ruler ship. Without those struggles against the wild animals and the giant, Goliath, David would have remained a shepherd boy whose father didn’t even believe in him.

We aren’t going to get depressed about our current situation; this storm won’t last a life time. Instead, according to 2 Corinthians 4:17, it will work for us a far more exceeding weight of glory, if we will keep our eyes on the goal.

In fact, in the economy of God, life always comes out of death. If you are experiencing a death of something, or a weakness or pain in your natural man, which is telling you that you lack the strength to finish your course, it is so that the resurrection life of God can be revealed in you. Get comfortable with God using your life to get glory, because even though he uses you for his purposes, he also pays very well.

You will not die before your time, and you will not run out of strength before you finish your assignment. Get ready for God to take you into bigger territories and onto higher levels.

Be like Moses and be willing to forsake the things of the past, in order to grasp hold of the things that are in your future. Don’t allow yourself to grind to a halt because of a challenge or a storm. Others can hate and dismiss and reject you, but God is preparing a table for you!

Tell Him right now, “Father, I am letting the pain and the fear and the trepidation go, as I rest them at your feet. I transfer my trust to you. My life is in your hands, and I declare that my faith is set. Position me so that I can go to the palace – the full place of my destiny. I receive sufficient grace to go through and to have a new lease of life. The last word in my life is victory!”




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