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What if I married the wrong person?

by Ramson Mumba in Marriage

Marriage is a choice – after being born again, it is the most important decision we will ever make. So what do you do if you feel you chose wrongly? Since life is a journey, there are [...]


There is nothing like connecting with your destiny in life. Being on God's team and fulfilling your purpose in the Earth is the greatest joy you will ever experience!
My aim in publishing "Welcome To The realm Of Unlimited Possibilities" is to be a connector for you to the eternal purpose for which you came into the world, because countless others will be affected as you do. Enjoy!
Ramson Mumba

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  • 11-29-16-2
    When Moses was bringing the Israelites up into the Promised Land, God was so frustrated with the people and their stiff-necked, stubborn ways, that He didn’t even want [...]