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Nothing is blocking your blessing

by Ramson Mumba in Believing

So many Christians are praying to be blessed and waiting for God to bless them. They believe that if they can just fast one more day, make one more confession and repent of one more  [...]


There is nothing like connecting with your destiny in life. Being on God's team and fulfilling your purpose in the Earth is the greatest joy you will ever experience!
My aim in publishing "Welcome To The realm Of Unlimited Possibilities" is to be a connector for you to the eternal purpose for which you came into the world, because countless others will be affected as you do. Enjoy!
Ramson Mumba

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    Why El-Shaddai Church?

    August 14, 2016

    When you first come to El-Shaddai Church you may find it a bit of an adjustment to fit in to begin with, because we don’t adhere to regular church tradition or even [...]
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    It’s pay day!

    August 24, 2016

    God ordained our days to be filled with peace, purpose, health, anointing, provision and wholeness. In short, we should prosper in every arena of life because the gospel is [...]

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