Your dream will take you there

 aged 14

What is it that you imagine God can do with your life?

The difference between your today and your tomorrow is your dream. This is me at 14 years old. Although I dreamed big at that age, I never even realized what a powerful part those dreams would play in bringing to pass a life that God would use to touch people in so many nations as He does today.

We live in a generation that despises dreaming, but it is more important to have an imagination to see what can take placee, than it is to be intelligent. When God dealt with Abraham, he had to give him pictures, not just words. Intelligence is one of the tools  you use to bring your dream to pass since your dreams will place a demand on your abilities and cause you to ask yourself, “What must I become to accomplish what God has set before me?”. On its own, intelligence can only take you so far in life.

When facing the challenge of where you are right now, with all the obstacles in front of you that would seem to negate the possibilities that you dream of, don’t make survival and temporal relief of pain your objective, or you will end up making decisions in the heat of the moment that will later undermine your well being, achievements and happiness. If you can’t see anything beyond where you are at now, you will die in the valley of despair.

Escape your present by visiting your future on the canvass of your imagination. God has good stored up for you. Incubate and nurture that dream.

God hasn’t finished with you yet. You are not too old to be used by God, to be married, to achieve the success you long for and to see your family at peace. A person only becomes old when regrets take the place of dreams.

Don’t be alarmed if people laugh at your dream. They scorned Joseph’s dream, but he became it. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to become what God said you could be.

What is your dream? If you can see it and keep your eyes on it, it doesn’t matter what they are doing. Can you stay with what you see?

If you can keep focused on what God will do with your life, you are unstoppable!

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