cropped-drm-and-ps-singles-conf.jpgI am married to Estrella – “Star “– Mumba and have a beautiful daughter, Maryanne Savannah. She’s 11.
Ever since I was a child I knew God’s call on my life to let people know about Him and to make His name great in this Earth. I’ve had the privilege to do this for the last 15 years. Being on God’s team and fulfilling my purpose in the earth is the greatest joy of my life.
I am so proud to call myself a son of God and to serve as a pastor, shepherding God’s people of all ages and cultures and backgrounds, and planting 11 churches in the UK, Africa and the USA.
There is nothing like connecting with your destiny in life. God’s Word teaches us how to do this; how to make life work and how to become the awesome individuals that we were created to be. I give honor to the prophet in my life, Dr Creflo Dollar in the crucial role he has played in causing this to come to pass for me.
As you read my blog, my aim is to be a connector for you to the eternal purpose for which you came into the world, because countless others will be affected as you do. Enjoy!

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