Visa Breakthrough

First of all, I want to commend you for your faithfulness in serving the vision that the Lord has called you to and I pray for more anointing upon your life. On Sunday, you were preaching about the integrity of God’s word and you showed us in the book of Psalms chapter 147 verse 15 which says that “His word runneth very swiftly.” And you said that the Word of God can run and can go places where we can’t in the natural.

At the middle of the service, you released a word of prophesy and said “I hear that in my spirit that the word of God will run and it will bring back your visa”….. I quickly received that word for myself and my fiance because at that time his documents were with the UK immigration as we were trying to apply for our marriage visa because he doesn’t live in the UK and we want to get married here. In March He received his passport with the visa granted!


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