The Year of the Open Door


I just had to share this with you especially in the light the message you share on New Year’s Eve that Jesus is my OPEN DOOR.

It’s barely been 3 weeks and I have already received a brand new car debt free.

Also I got a promotion and pay rise with a role for which I had been believing God for a long time.

During that service, you spoke about the… Open Door of family and I decided to release my faith for the salvation of my household. Well, in the last two weeks, my brother, sister and mother have ALL given their lives to Christ. YEAH!!!

Something awesome in happening in my family and I have no words to describe it but it’s marvellous in our eyes!

Lastly, my mother who has been waiting for a kidney transplant had it done last week and so far, the Doctors are saying everything looks great. We are in faith for a full recovery and all this just under 3 weeks.

All those months when I despaired and questioned God and almost gave up. I am glad I kept standing and many times it was simply because the Word of God in your mouth was so on point for me. I almost can’t wait to see what other Doors the Lord will open for me this year. May the Lord continue to anoint you with a fresh Word for us as always and thank you for being MY Man of God. Remain blessed.

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