The Breakthrough day!

Basically I’ve been searching for work for MONTHS and MONTHS after graduating and continued receiving no response from anywhere. Even after praying, seeking God about it and seeing small trickles of breakthroughs I started feeling discouraged and trapped. Although this was something I DID NOT want to do and am personally against, I reluctantly applied for government support and booked a meeting for Tuesday.

This morning, towards the end of the service, you spoke and prayed over us and said we will see breakthroughs even as we reach our houses. To cut a long story short, I received everything you said. I came home, opened my email and strangely, on a Sunday afternoon, was sent an email to meet with the management team of a certain company to discuss the potential new position of Project Manager for them from next week.

This may be a small testimony to some, but there were more struggles embedded in this journey than is hard to articulate. I would just like to thank god for sending you as the angel and prophet into my life. I am still quite shocked at how quickly our God operates!

For anyone that is believing God for anything, I would say, “Believe in the Lord your God, so shall you be established; believe His prophets, so shall you prosper.”

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