The Anointing To Raise Up Pastors

Hello Pastor,

I just want to say what an awesome time this has been at the Sharpen Leadership summit in London. I sat at you feet during all the sessions and everything you taught just spoke to me.

I have known I was called to ministry for years and I know my heart is to pastor people. God called me to lead people out of captivity and in to the  promised land.

We have been so thrilled to be part of what God has been doing and I recognize that that due to your anointing that I have connected to, things have worked well in our ministry.

As a pastor among other pastors I have sometimes felt like a square peg in a round hole. But now I have a message to preach that I am passionate about. God has been so gracious to me and although I have much to learn I now have the message to go with the calling.

Thank you to you and your wife for being a true shepherd and living example of what a Pastor is. My wife and I are so honoured and privileged to have you as our Pastors. I don’t know of anyone who can bring me the word of God with such clarity, simplicity and depth, yet make it so practical and life transforming as you do.

May God continue to anointing you even more for sake of this generation and the nations of the World.

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