The Anointing Did The Job

Since the beginning of February this year I have been going through some challenges. This began with an accident followed by some false accusations at work which led to me being suspended. As a faithful believer of the word and the word that was released by you this year, I knew the outcome.

I attended a number of investigation meetings and was then asked to attend a disciplinary hearing last week Wednesday. I declined the proposed date because I wanted to enjoy Word Explosion without any clutter or negativity, but ready to receive the anointing and power. They agreed that I attend the meeting on Monday 26th.

During Word Explosion, Dr Mumba prayed for me and declared “Receive the Anointing ” and I remember falling under the anointing with me saying ” I receive and it is finished”. Then on Sunday Pastor Femi said this week someone will testify and it’s just the beginning of the week Sir!

I am happy to let you know that I got my victory just as you both declared. Despite the evil that was planned against me, throughout the time I was going through this I stood on God’s Word to the extent I would sit down and start writing my testimony letter and here I am writing one of the many of the ones yet to come. To God be the Glory. Thank you so much for all your prayers for the House of El-Shaddai.

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