It Pays To Honor The Anointing!

Pastor yesterday at the end of your preaching you asked us all to wait just a little longer in God’s presence because you said that the anointing for miracles was present in the House.

Well at the time I thought I really need to leave because of the pressure I was under and other pending appointments but after all these years of knowing how the hand of The Lord operates in your life and ministry, I decided to pay attention, change my attitude and also place a demand on the anointing that was on you.

Long story short, we had a huge debt of 65,000 GBP that we needed to settle by today, Monday, otherwise they would initiate legal proceeding. When you then said miracles are being released all over this house and explained that a miracle is the suspension of the normal course of nature, I took that as my answer, believing that the normal course of events in my situation would not be my portion.

Today the creditor called us to say that they would be happy for us to settle the debt if we could pay them ONLY £5,000!! Surely our God is miraculous and it’s true that my prosperity is in my Man of God’s Words. I am so glad I didn’t dishonor the instruction because it turned out to be £60,000 worth of debt cancellation.

May God continue to strengthen you and Pastor Star and don’t ever stop pursuing the call on your life. Even in the face of great challenges, opposition and criticism, please remember its not about your critics. It’s for US – People like me to whom you have been sent and the results of your anointing speak for themselves in our lives. Love and blessings.

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