I Got Noticed!

To Pastor Ramson and Pastor Estrella Mumba,

Thank you so much for the Uncompromised Word of God that you teach. Your practical teaching is life changing and I have been changed. Looking back at my life, I see a great change since I joined El-Shaddai International Christian Centre. You are a God sent Blessing to the Nations.

My Testimony is in regard with last night’s service. When you tweeted that 3 Months will be better than the last 9 Months, it witnessed in my Spirit and I believed it was so.

A fortnight ago, the company I work for asked me to do a 2 week holiday cover and this was my last week.

This morning this gentleman told me I was working much better than the other guy who is on holiday. When this other lady came in he told her the same thing and the lady said she also realized that. The gentleman said the other guy spends most of his time on the phone and does nothing. I didn’t make any comment.

After a short while their boss came to me and said, “You are doing an excellent job for us and we would like you to stay. I will contact your company today and tell them.”

Pastors, may the good Lord bless you for the passion you have for His Church. You are Good Shepherds who go before your sheep, feeling, protecting and guiding them. May the good Lord anoint both of you to touch more souls. Indeed, it’s a Blessing Explosion!

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