I Got My Baby!

For about 3 to 4 years we have tried to have a baby, but without success. I was told by Doctors that there was a problem with my hormones and that it would be difficult for me to get pregnant. One Sunday Pastor prayed for women who wanted to have children, and he spoke a prophetic word over the congregation which I laid hold on. Each time God urged me to pray I listened to His voice and I prayed and after a short time I realised that I was pregnant! At about 4/5 months I started having problems and the doctors told me that there was a problem with my cervix and that I was probably going to lose the baby. I was also diagnosed as diabetic. That Sunday in church I went forward to be prayed for.

On Monday when I went to the hospital again, the doctors said that I was very ‘lucky’ because most women with a similar problem would have lost their babies. I am not lucky, I am blessed.

In February though God blessed us with our lovely baby boy. The diabetes is also gone!

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