Baby Healed In The Womb

Pastors Ramson and Star,  please join us and do a happy dance for the Lord!!!

Today the ultrasound confirmed that there is NO CYST on our baby’s liver or gall bladder.  Praise the Lord!!

This is a huge miracle because the original prognosis earlier on in my pregnancy was that our baby had a life threatening cyst,  co-joining the liver and the gall bladder and NOW,  NO CYST at ALL !!

The doctors told us that all they can see now is a little fluid in the baby’s bowels which is not life threatening and as far as they are concerned, it may not need surgery at all. Consequently,  we have also been discharged from the Fetal Diagnostic Clinic because the specialists no longer have anything to work on anymore.

We are beyond ecstatic!! Thank you so much for joining your unmovable faith with ours as we believed for this miracle. Whoop whoop!!! Can’t wait to send you the pictures of the little man in June!! Thank you, we love you!!

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