A Whole Different Experience Of Church

I cannot even begin to explain just how spiritually AND practically full I feel.

Truth is, I have NEVER been “under” leadership like I am now.

I am a graduate of Oral Roberts University and have since served many big and well known leaders in the body of Christ, but what I am experiencing now is beyond anything I have ever known….

I have not been perfect, nor lived a super long time, but I have so much experience from my travels, hearing and obeying God’s voice, and listening more than speaking, that it feels like I have lived a long time!

And now, the hurt, betrayal, and misunderstanding… Its been hard for me to keep the faith and trust but when I see what God is doing in my life NOW, I can honestly say that it has all been worth it. I am grateful because I know that Its my time.

I have NEVER experienced this in my whole life. This is sooooo refreshing. This is God. I understand why God brought me to this city – to bring me up onto a ‘whole new/another’ level. This is my place of blessing and I believe there is a key to my current blessings. And it has to do with the leadership I have submitted myself to, and the leadership covering I NOW have.

What’s also cool is that it is so natural to serve at El-Shaddai. One of the reasons is there is no pretense, obligation, and so much love. It’s very different from the things I have experienced in church. Really, I love it. I love you my Pastors – Ramson & Estrella Mumba and I really love my church!!

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