A Life Transformed

Dr. Mumba, thank you for preaching the true Gospel. The true Word. The word of God’s love for us!!!!

Ever since my fiancé took me to your church and I came to understand Jesus and His love for me, my life has been constantly and increasingly prospering. I can boldly, confidently, and whole heartedly say I have a relationship with Jesus now! God is so good Dr. Mumba!!!!!!!!

I mean wow. If you could only know the complete transformation of mind I have had since coming to your church. Jesus really has renewed everything in my life.

Just a year ago I was ashamed of who I was….a heavy drug user, drug dealer, a drinker, self righteous, fornicator, selfish, angry, liar…. it was all about me. I knew I was running from God. I had a change of heart and decided enough was enough. I said No longer will I live for myself. I gave up all of it and said I just want to be with Jesus. Now I don’t even recognize who I was.

I said I will no longer fornicate, I am fed up, I know God has a beautiful Heavenly Spirit filled queen waiting for me for us to expand His Kingdom together. I mean wow Dr. Mumba. God definitely gave me that!!!! Just wow…..God is so amazing.

With a history such as mine, I have not only been accepted into the Best College for my vocation but last week, I also got a job which gives me the potential to make $15,000 a month if I hit all my targets. I am still in shock.

Dr. Mumba, you are right. This is the Year of the Open Door. Glory to God. It is so incredible to experience God’s Favor. I mean wow! The things Jesus has delivered me from…

To see what a year with The Lord has done…..I mean Dr. Mumba, I’m engaged now!!! I have what I have always wanted, the woman of my dreams! I have her to care for and love now! to worship with! To chase her dreams! I am no longer worshiping or chasing myself! I no longer worship money or sin! It’s truly awesome going from thinking all about myself and how to make me happy, to now having Jesus as the center of my life. And to now have my fiancé  in my life, it’s incredible. Your teachings and sermons are what I accredit to opening my eyes to the Kingdom of God.

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