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Deuteronomy 7: 22-23

And the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you little by little … But the Lord your God will deliver them over to you, and will inflict defeat upon them until they are destroyed.

People don’t see breakthrough in their lives because they want to see the whole picture upfront.

But God gives you breakthrough one step at a time. You have to be ready to take each small step as it opens up to you.

You can drive a journey of 1000 miles with light for only 250 ft! If you keep driving the short distance you can see, you will cover the full distance, even though you only ever saw 250ft at any one time.

That is how it is walking with God.

One of the most vital things I have ever understood about God is that He will never mismanage my life. Even when I don’t understand, and I don’t know the path ahead, I know God; I know His nature, and I trust Him; therefore I have the confidence to take the next step.

This simple discipline enables me to commit to the path that He opens up for me without reservation.

Consequently, many people have never committed to a God-given vision such as the El-Shaddai vision, because they cannot immediately see how their own dreams and desires will be fulfilled in the context of that vision.

What they don’t realize is that until you throw yourself at something with all your heart, there are certain things in God that are not available to you.

If you are interested in finding out what living really is all about, I submit these two challenges to you:

  1. Find someone to give your whole self to completely and don’t hold back. Men especially have to make a conscious decision to build a life with someone and stop playing the field. Women are more ready to do this, and their pain is that their man is not all there.
  2. Discover your purpose, which will be manifested in the context of a vision such as ours, since God called us to His body, not to an independent life; and then give yourself to it as if you had no questions. See what God will do when you give Him your whole strength to make His purposes come to pass; and entrust your personal ambitions to Him.

Take the next step. Trust God and decide that He is faithful. You will discover a whole new life in Him.


How to find, and keep, a good man

Champs Elysee

Some people believe that as a pastor I shouldn’t deal with these types of topics either in church or via social media. They are offended because I am raw in how I bring the practical wisdom of God.

But if you feel that way, take time to hear what God has given me to say. So many have come back from their offence and said to me, “If only I had been told these things when I was younger. My life would have been better.”

As someone who sits with people regularly to help them find solutions in the painful experiences of their lives, I can tell you that people are bothered less by how to speak in tongues, and far more by this question, “How can I find a good man and then have the wisdom to keep him?” That is what this blog is all about!

It’s more important that you become the RIGHT person even more than it is to find the RIGHT person for yourself. Become the caliber of person you want to be married to first.

Until you start enjoying your own company, no one else will ever fully enjoy you either. People will treat you and feel about you the exact same way you do about yourself.

Don’t even consider pairing up with someone you don’t actually like, just because you appreciate his “spirit”. What else do you like about him? When you go home together, you won’t be making love to his spirit.

If you haven’t worked out what you like in a man, you may just pull up because someone is open! This is a tragedy for your future happiness. Most women who married a fool know it, but it still remains their private pain.

Investigate the man before you say “I do.” Don’t be in too much hurry to get to the altar otherwise you may end up marrying a total stranger! Incidentally, if the man you are dating won’t introduce you to his family or friends, the chances are you are a spare rib!

Don’t look for a husband to make you happy. If you believe that will be his responsibility, you will be constantly plagued by depression and resentment.

Even though your relationship will inevitably have areas of weakness, if you focus on what’s wrong with your mate, things will get worse but if you start being grateful for the things that rock your world about them, you will be amazed at how much heaven will move on your relationship to fix even the not so good stuff.

Don’t discuss the intimacies or challenges of your marital relationship with other girlfriends. This is intolerable for a man and you will drive him away.

As a woman you sometimes need to stop praying and just make love to your husband! He can handle anything else that is coming against him in life as long as he is affirmed in bed.

You can speak in tongues of man and angels, but if the romantic sparkle goes out, your relationship is in trouble. So don’t come to bed wearing an old tee shirt and grandma’s big knickers! Take trouble to look good, even after years of marriage. It will feed your relationship.

Finally, give yourself clear boundaries: don’t flirt with anyone you have no business building an intimate relationship with now that you have made your choice of a man to share your life with. Commit and build together. You won’t regret it.






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