Grace puts laughter back in your life

Psalm 126:2

Then our mouth was filled with laughter And our tongue with joyful shouting; Then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them”

 God’s plan for you is that your house is filled with laughter and your family is at peace. Whatever things are like at home right now, God can take you there! Take note of these few simple keys that will bring resolution to some of the greatest strategies of the enemy to divide us in our most precious relationships.

Firstly, as a married couple, pay attention to growing together. One of the subtlest ways that we drift apart, even when we think we have a good marriage, is when we develop at different rates. One spouse is reading the professional journals, and the other is playing computer games. One is praying, and the other is too busy watching TV!

When your two legs are different lengths you walk with a limp, but when they are even, you can run! Take responsibility by putting in place strategies to ensure that you keep in step with one another.

Secondly, stop giving one another the law, but give one another grace. Rules and ultimatums put people’s backs up against the wall. You won’t get the best out of anyone that way. Jesus gave the law to the rich, young ruler, whose whole mindset was to qualify, and he went away sad; He gave grace to Zacchaeus and the man who was a thief and a swindler could not stop giving! Jesus simply came to His house to be with him. He didn’t once mention the kind of man he was.

The law brings condemnation and shame. The law provokes rebellion. Grace provokes the best out of a person. Don’t evaluate your family critically; wives, put your arms around your husband like he is RIGHT and tell him, and indeed all your family members, how much you believe in them.

Thirdly, treat the members of your household like they are the righteousness of God! The honor that you give to one another, even to your kids, and yes, even as you correct them, will lift the atmosphere of your house to another level, because no one is making anyone else feel ashamed, fearful or guilty.

Don’t keep a record of wrongs or apportion blame. Become burden bearers and lift one another up! It will make a huge difference because no one at your house will feel terrible about themselves any more.

Lastly, don’t hold onto one another like you are desperate, and you can’t handle life without them. If you exert control over someone, their natural desire is to break free, but when you choose to be with one another because you LIKE them, and not because you NEED them, your love becomes pure and without agenda. There is no greater love that you can give to another human being.


Heavenly Father, your grace truly is more than enough for me! Your grace brings peace into my heart and laughter into my home, because I can relax when I know you are taking care of everything.

Right now I receive by faith a fresh revelation of your grace and your goodness. Help me to give others grace, not law, and to show them love, no anger and disapproval. I believe for a turnaround in all my relationships as grace enters and condemnation leaves. Thank you, Lord!




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2 Comments on Grace puts laughter back in your life

  1. Amen. Thank You Jesus Christ of Nazareth for this Ministry of Secrets of the Winning Edge!

  2. Help me to give others grace, not law; Amen!!!

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