Identifying the key issue

Romans 4:5

But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness

Have you ever wished your life with God could be more dynamic? If that is the case then what you actually need is not to do better, but to believe better, and in order to grow your faith, you must start with the Word of God.

Once you know what the Word says about your health, your finances, your destiny, who God is, what He thinks about you, and every other aspect of your existence, the next part is very simple – you must choose to believe it!

Believing is a choice. Every minute of every day we choose what we believe. If you want your faith to grow stronger, choose to believe the things that God says about your life and your situation.

Of course, believing is a controversial thing. Believing God is one choice out of many possible options that life presents to you. But your believing is the key to the results you are getting.

Let me ask you this: As a Christian, what is your focus? Are you focused on believing the right things, or doing the right things?

If you feel like you work for God by serving, giving and obeying, you will expect wages in return. Not only that but you will probably put a lot of effort into behavior modification, both for yourself and for others. Before you know it, you are policing the church to make sure everyone is doing what they should be doing!

The problem is that the life of doing is subject to frustration, because we can never do enough to meet God’s righteous standard that way. Nevertheless, there are many frustrated Christians with no results, who look “right”, but inside they are not right, because they don’t believe much!

The focus of our lives as believers MUST be believing! Jesus told the people, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” What we believe is the key issue.

Our God is rich in mercy. He is not looking for us to qualify on merit. God is ready to declare the ragamuffins and the rascals righteous if they will believe! I challenge you to look beyond the limits of what you can do today, and BELIEVE!


Heavenly Father, you have invited me into a whole new way of life – it is a life of believing. Today I choose to believe you. I choose to believe your Word and to turn away from believing the wrong things.

Thank you that I don’t have to qualify by my right doing, but I get in on your goodness simply by right believing. Today I declare that I believe YOU!


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  1. Amen!!! Powerful…

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