The difference between James and Jesus

Jude 1:1

 Jude, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James

Offense can blind you to where you cannot see God.

Jesus, Jude and James were brothers. At the start of their journey, Jesus was in their house, but they couldn’t see their savior. When He was crucified, Jude turned and said, “I am a bondservant”.

Look at the shift that took place in this man’s life. At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry His family came and stood outside where Jesus was holding a meeting and sent a message: tell Jesus his mother and brothers are here, and He should stop doing the miracles and come and talk to us. They didn’t like what He was doing, and so they couldn’t see who He was.

Jesus wasn’t taking any foolishness. When you lower your standard, and explain yourself to everyone you give foolishness a place. You do people a disservice because you make room for their flesh to rule.

Later, Jude stopped relating to Jesus according to the flesh. He said “I am a bondservant of Jesus Christ. I am a slave of this man. You think he is my brother, but anything he wants from me, I am at His beck and call.”

Notice what else he says in this one verse in Jude 1:1 “I am the brother of James. I am not confused and I am not going to deify a man. We are still brothers.”

Unlike much of the church today, Jude kept perspective: he knew that Jesus was God, but James was still his brother. He didn’t deify the ministry gift; he reserved that status for Jesus alone.

When you hear the Word of the Lord, makes sure you hold it with weight. Don’t put all your stake on the word of a man; a man will fail you.

In spite of his or her humanity, honor the gift because every anointed man and woman comes with a reward. When you connect to someone operating under a greater grace, you amplify the power you walk in. The church also errs when it doesn’t know how to partake of the grace on the man of God.

Don’t be too natural and don’t be out of balance either. Know the difference between James and Jesus in your life.


Heavenly Father, thank you for sending anointed people into my life. Thank you for the amplification of grace that comes to me when I connect to them. I hold fast to that connection and receive the reward they bring by faith.

I also recognize that a gifted human being is not infallible. You alone are God. You alone are the Lord and I hold your Word in highest esteem in my life. Thank you for giving me the perspective I need to live my life with wisdom, in Jesus’ name!



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1 Comment on The difference between James and Jesus

  1. This speaks directly to me…Amen and Amen

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