Find a fresh sense of purpose this year

Palm 34:12

Who is the man who desires life,
And loves many days, that he may see good?

Despite the prestige of owning beautiful houses, going on luxurious vacations, enjoying smart cars and owning money, none of us can really enjoy what others are envying us for in having these things if there is no sense of purpose in our lives.

Life is an inside job. The satisfaction of living comes from knowing that we are accomplishing God’s divine plan for our lives. In fact, without a purpose, life is a burden.

If you love life, and you want to see many good days, you must accept your calling to be a blessing in the Earth.

You can live life your own way, but just because you look the part and act right, doesn’t mean it’s right. Appearances are superficial, and while others wish they were you because of how great your life seems to be, your heart can be hurting. They key is, are the good things you enjoy just for you? Or are you using what you have and who you are to be a blessing?

A profound sense of meaninglessness is the greatest contributor to suicidal thoughts. In fact, if you are feeling desperate and suicidal this New Year, not knowing how to make 2018 better or different from all that has gone before, you need to do three things: The first is to rebuke the spirit of suicide over your life. Don’t you know that the devil is laughing at you for wanting to take your own life when Jesus gave His in return for yours? Don’t yield to his plan for your destruction.

Secondly, recognize the immense value of your life. Your value is not correctly measured by any other means, other than by understanding the price that God placed on your head. Nothing but the precious blood of His own Son was good enough to redeem you! Your dark thoughts try to rob you of your sense of perspective. Remember who you are to God.

Lastly, you will need to find a fresh purpose. Your destiny is to be a blessing and make a difference and you must take hold of that for yourself. You have to decide that people will say of you, “Look how much good this person did me. I am so glad they were a part of my life.”

When you see your life through the lens of God’s purpose you can come to terms with it and with all that has happened. There is something greater going on with you than your current trouble. You are strategic to God’s plan in the Earth.

Come to a new understanding and appreciation of your value, by outworking your calling to be a blessing. Take a step today. Make a difference by sowing a seed of kindness. Be good to someone and make a plan to be a blessing in the coming days and weeks. Your life will go to whole new level this year!


Heavenly Father, right now I rebuke desperation and especially suicidal thoughts and take authority over the devil’s plan to wreak havoc in my thinking and my life. By faith I take hold of my value as well as your plan and purposes and ask you to make these things real to me.

I accept your calling to be a blessing in the Earth this year. Show me how to outwork my place in your purposes as I step out. I am expecting many good days – not sad days, or broke days, or lonely days. I expect your goodness to flood my life this year. In Jesus’ name!






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