Four things you should expect in 2018

1 Peter 5:10

But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.

Have you ever really let it sink in that our God is the God of ALL GRACE? Whatever you need ability for, there is grace to meet it. There is no aspect to our lives in which we might turn to God and He would shrug and say, “You’re on your own; I’ve got nothing!” He is always equipped and willing to pour the grace we need into our lives.

Notice that the other side of the coin is that suffering is not out of the picture. Some Christians struggle in their faith because there is no room in their theology for suffering. They don’t realize that suffering is part of their journey, so they disconnect from the people who are already in their lives in order to escape what they are going through.

If Ruth had disconnected from Naomi because of the harshness of the season she was going through, she would not have qualified for her Boaz. Boaz came into her life as a kinsman redeemer. The principle of redemption is that to redeem another, you must always be able to identify with them. That was why Jesus was the perfect redeemer for mankind since He was tempted as we are and was touched by the feeling of our infirmities.

Are you reaching for your Boaz but trying to disconnect from your Naomi? If you afraid of loss, you are not ready to live because you haven’t understood life. Church people may condemn you because of what you are going through, but Jesus came to heal your broken heart and restore you.

Too Many Christians want to celebrate the outward appearance of a person who is glorious in their victories, just as Naaman the leper was celebrated in all Israel for his military might, but no one could bear to see his leprosy.

Suffering is not our permanent state as Christians. We are called to glory, not brokenness and defeat, but when we suffer, there is grace for us. That means that we can look forward to four things happening: God Himself will perfect us, establish us, strengthen us and settle us.

If you have known the weariness and weight of suffering, you will also rejoice at these things. To be perfected means that the suffering takes on a meaning because God perfects us through it, just as He perfected Jesus through suffering.

To be established means that you enter a state of stability. You aren’t shaking anymore because the ground evens out and becomes firm. Uncertainty leaves and your permanence is established.

To be strengthened means that your decision not to quit when it would have been so easy and convenient pays off, because now strength returns and you realize that it was worth holding on. Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Even if you lost strength through what you went through in 2017, fresh strength is here.

To be settled means that your days of being transient with no place to call your own are over. He will give you a family, a business, a place at the table, your dignity, your joy – He is the God of all grace. Go ahead and release your faith for these things to take place in your life right now!


Heavenly Father, you are the God who has called me to your glory. Forever I am destined to enjoy Heaven’s best, and I thank you that in all the things I have gone through that have been challenging and hard, you are the one who comforts and recompenses me.

Today I release my faith that you are even now perfecting me, establishing me, strengthening me and settling me. I am no longer shaking and suffering loss. You restore and redeem me in every way through your amazing grace. Thank you, Lord!


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3 Comments on Four things you should expect in 2018

  1. I stood on this word 1 Peter 5:10 last year. My life was rattled and when I saw the 4 key things this verse gave me I realised the possibilities my life had ahead of me. Every one fo them has come to pass and God continues to perfect me. I encourage anyone whose life seems to be going nowhere to stand on this Rhema word it has changed and continues to change my life

  2. I release my faith, yes I believe Amen!!!

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