This is how your relationships will be better in 2018

Matthew 10:8

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

If you have been listening to preachers who fill their messages with humanistic philosophies and self help advice, it is almost certain that you have lost your taste for biblical relationship advice!

When your advisors are telling you to put your foot down, to give as good as you get and to make sure they know what you think, you will not be able to enjoy the grace that God wants to pour into your relationships.

One thing that we have to get hold of in 2018 is that there is grace to make our relationships sweet. It’s going to take a decision on our part to take our lives and let God use us to bless someone else. Instead of being a source of strife and upset, we must determine to be a blessing, no matter what has taken place in the past.

Because God has poured unconditional love into our lives, we have the ability to see what is wrong with others and to respond with compassion, not judgment. Because we have freely received from our Heavenly Father, we have the capacity to give freely. As we do so, we activate God’s defense of our interests; we make room for Him to clean up the issues for us.

It’s all going to begin with a decision to blow the minds of your family and friends with how good you are to them. Take decisive action as you launch “Project Blessing”

Instead of holding onto your right to be right, apologize to your daughter for getting mad with her. Before you know it, she will be showing you the texts and asking how to answer the guys who are chasing her, instead of hiding her phone from you. Will your children be hungry for God based on how much of a blessing you have been in their lives?

Accept that you will have to give more than you are currently doing in every relationship. Bathe the kids, don’t just appoint yourself the one who holds the camera to take the photos! As a parent, you should be more than that. And if you feel that the kids are not yours because you are the step parent, remember that when you said, “I do” you took them on too. They are yours now, and every responsibility they bring is also yours!

If you are really going to build a marriage where you want to come home and stay there each evening, you are going to have to make sure your motive for being there is not to take, but to give. Do you get sad when the opportunity comes to do something for him or her than has nothing in it for you?

Have you accepted that when you married him or her, you took on the clean up job for the baggage he or she brought with them? If you just want someone who is all together, you will be disappointed. You are marrying someone with a history. You say you love them, and part of your loving them will be to help them work through their issues and get to the place where they can fulfill the call on their life.

How calculating are you in your relationships? Are you just friends because you want to use them to get to someone else? You are really using them to get your thing done? As much as you use, you will be used, so make sure that your motive is to GIVE freely.

As you embrace your calling to be a blessing, God rewards you. You will never be at a disadvantage if you will trust Him. There is no one who loves, gives, forgives and serves freely who will lose out or be taken advantage of. Tap into the grace for sweet fulfilling relationships this year! Your life will never be the same again!


Heavenly Father, thank you that you have given everything to me, without withholding any part of your love or power to bless. I am so grateful for all the good you do for me every day of my life.

This year I want to tap into your grace for my relationships. By faith I stake my claim to it right now, and I make a decision to be a blessing to my family and friends every single day. Show me what adjustments to make and how to have my mind on giving instead of on receiving. As I freely give, I place my trust in you to take care of my interests. Thank you that I will never be at a disadvantage as I bless the people in my life. Thank you, Lord!


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  1. Amen!!!

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