How to get back your excitement about doing good

Ephesians 6: 7-8

…With goodwill doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men, knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord

Loving others and being a blessing out of our love for God is not without its rewards. Our God is Jehovah Gomolah, the Lord God of recompense. He will never leave the books unbalanced; He will always make sure that we receive the just reward of our good service in His name.

If we feel that we have put in more than He has repaid to us, we must make sure that we don’t get the wrong focus. We can easily assume that the person to whom we rendered blessing and service should be the ones who pay us back, but it is GOD who will recompense us, not any human being. We can’t afford to get confused about how this will work, because we will end up losing out on our reward.

Operating in the realm of blessing people and doing good for those who cannot naturally repay us for what we did, provokes God’s attention. When we start behaving this way, we can be sure that He is about to visit our house! He is the God who makes up the difference for all the good that we have done.

God has our pay packet, and He is going to make sure that it is delivered, but the delivery will not come from the most obvious source most of the time. We shouldn’t be fussing with the ones who can’t possibly compensate or reward us. We get disillusioned with going in the direction of His will because we become man focused instead of God focused. It doesn’t seem like anyone is appreciating or noticing what we have done, when all the time our reward is on its way and the Lord is about to surprise us as only He can.

Change your mind today about the person from whom you are expecting your compensation. Place a demand on the anointing of Jehovah Gomolah. He is not unjust to forget your labor of love.

The grace for doing good is released right now. I declare in Jesus’ name that there is a fresh unction coming upon all of us to do good; to be God’s distribution center, and to get excited again about lifting others to higher ground. Weariness is giving way to the desire to do good to others, knowing that our reward is sure.


Heavenly Father, You alone are my shield and my great reward. As of right now, I change my mind concerning my compensation for the good I have done and I place a demand on your anointing so that the reward is released. I declare that a new season has started: it is the season of total recompense. I welcome the truth that it is pay day at my house, and I thank you in advance for all the wonderful surprises that you have in store for me. Thank you, Lord!

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3 Comments on How to get back your excitement about doing good

  1. I receive my prophecy in Jesus name.

  2. Thanks Mighty Man of God,

    As I read through this text I could also relate it with Pastoral work in Africa – how do we strike a proper balance in/by not forcing people to pay for the services that the Pastors has offered/done to the followers and/versus the free will giving of the followers to the Pastor. At times its difficult for young and upcoming Pastors to wait upon the Lord while they work in the Church; at the same time making sure that the Church understands the benefits of giving or sowing seeds to the ministry (without being forced to do so). When a Pastor forcibly/manipulatively expects from the people being served and not from the Lord it has always been a problem in some of our African church contexts. This message teaches me a lot on the motive to serve the Lord and how can one expect the rewards from God himself. I hope I will have a chance to have such conversations one day with such a great prophetic Man of God like you.

  3. Awsome!!!
    We are just beginning to break ground & build our church, we’ll be able to have our own building instead of the school.
    This is a perfect word right now as we are TRUSTING & BELIEVING GOD For the money to do this.🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️
    We do have a building fund if you feel lead to give any amount to help us get off the ground so we can soar.
    “Fountain of Living Waters” in Phelan,Ca. Info. Is on fb.
    My pastor is from Africa, he (was) a Muslim before Jesus.
    God bless you & your Ministries as you have blessed me & so many.

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