Enjoy the BEST life of all!

Acts 20:35

And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

 It’s a blessing to be blessed, and to be the recipient of all good things, but according to Jesus, there is something greater: giving.

Is your life stuck on receiving? Is your focus on what you don’t have and how to get it?  This kind of lifestyle is LOWER that the giving lifestyle.

The whole reason God blesses us is so that we can do good. When God spoke to Abraham and gave him the promise back in Genesis 12, it amounted to this: I will bless you and through you others will also be blessed. You will take the blessing I have given you, and you will be a dispenser of blessing throughout the nations of the world.

How passionate are you about being a blessing? When was the last time you did good for someone else such that you were excited because you were about to bless someone? You couldn’t wait to see the look on their face when they see the good you are going to do them.

When people come into your life, is your intention to do them good? When you ask the girl out, is it because she is cute or is it because you want to take care of her? When you say yes to the date, is it simply that you like his six pack, or is it because you see his potential and you want to play a key part in releasing it?

In other words, is your focus what you can get or is it that you want him or her to praise God for the rest of their life that you came along? Is your promotion all about getting the corner office, or about having more resources to sow more seed and about influencing more people for the Kingdom of God?

Why is it that you want children? Is it so that they can be an accessory to your success, or is it so that you can train them to love the Lord and follow in His commands? God chose Abraham because of what he would put into his children. God is looking for people who will be a blessing to their family and to all those they come into contact with.

Which realm will you operate in from here on out? Will you always be the one with the trouble, or will you be the one with the blessing? Decide today, I am blessed to be a blessing! Get on the giving side and enjoy the best life of all!


Heavenly Father, you are the one who has blessed me with the same blessing that you placed on Abraham’s life. Thank you that I am empowered to succeed and to rise up in victory. I am empowered to be a blessing to others. I am not the needy one any more, because Jesus Christ is my redeemer.

Today I declare that I am not only blessed, but I am a blessing. I am a blessing to my family, my kids, my co-workers and my superiors. I am a blessing wherever I go and whatever I am doing, and because of that, every day others are empowered to succeed by means of my input into their lives. Thank you Lord for such a privilege. I declare that I am living the BEST life that it is possible to live: I am a BLESSING!

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1 Comment on Enjoy the BEST life of all!

  1. Amen!!! Mighty Man of God, Oh Yes, I am blessed to be a blessing! Amen and Amen – I believe that…

    I am always reading your prophetic posts from Malawi, when I have time; this is quite edifying Mighty Man of God – I thank God for your ministry. I see you as a model, you are mentoring my spirit as I read.

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