Feed on God’s faithfulness

Psalm 37:3

Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness

One of the most frustrating things about being human is that we so easily forget. Psalm 103:2 says, “Forget not all His benefits!” The implication is that we can enjoy the benefits as long as we don’t forget certain things.

If we are going to “dwell in the land”, which is all about enjoying the goodness of God, we must combat our propensity to forget by feeding on God’s faithfulness.

 “Feeding” is a deliberate process of taking in nourishment. It is not something that we do every now and then. We feed ourselves natural food every day so that we will stay strong and able to function at our best. The nourishment that is going to enable us to stay strong enough to access God’s provision for our lives is the faithfulness of God.

If we don’t feed on God’s faithfulness, we won’t be able to trust Him. We will have a relationship with Him that is based on our current situation. There is no anchor for our souls when we shift with the moving circumstances of our lives. When things around us are shaking, we shake with them!

Yet even if we waver and shake, our God remains faithful. His faithfulness is something that will NEVER be removed. If we fill our minds and hearts with “what it looks like” we will sink, but if we feed on His faithfulness we remain strong, because the knowledge of His faithfulness will undergird our trust.

If your faith is shaking right now, you can borrow His faithfulness. He is still the God of His Word. He is still able to keep that which you have entrusted to Him. He will never mismanage your life. He will never do you harm, but you can still trust Him even if it feels like He is killing you! Feed on that!

Don’t let the circumstances you are seeing determine your understanding of who He is. He is faithful! Even the things you don’t understand, and the things that are painful and difficult will turn to become sources of blessing, because our God is faithful. Feed on His faithfulness today.


Heavenly Father, today I focus my attention on your goodness and I feed on your faithfulness. I will not let distrust of you drive me away from my blessing. Instead I declare that I trust you, Lord, because you are, indeed faithful.

As I feed on your faithfulness today, I declare that my spirit is strong and I am on top of my circumstances. Where my faith has failed and I have wavered in my trust, today I throw off weakness and I am made strong in the knowledge of your faithfulness. You will never let me down. Thank you, Lord!

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