Matthew 7:11

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

In all that you are going through right now, have you stopped to simply ASK God for what you desire? I’m not talking about telling Him what it is that is wrong; I mean, have you taken time to just go on your knees and tell God that there is no way you can do this, so please will He take care of it? Many times, God is just waiting for you to ask.

The unjust judge wouldn’t grant the request made of him, according to the story Jesus told in Luke 18. He neither feared God nor cared what people thought of him, but the widow was persistent, and despite his hardness of heart, her persistence caused him to relent.

Although God is in no way hard to get through to like the unjust judge, there is something about a person’s persistence that will get His attention even more than usual. Asking and knocking more than once is scriptural. It’s not weak, and it is not a sign of a lack of faith. Faith is about believing the Word, and asking is a sign that you take God at His Word and that you expect Him to hear you and move on your behalf.

If you don’t think there is any hope of getting something you want in life, you quickly stop asking. You don’t send in any more applications for that kind of job, or you move on to another idea or endeavor since you have accepted that it won’t work out. Yet we are supposed to come to God like children; when children don’t get the response they want the first time, they find another way to ask for it!

Don’t let embarrassment stop you from asking again. It is OK to ask for the tenth time! If you don’t ask you will be stranded, when all the time you have a Daddy whose heart is towards you.

There is such a thing as human goodness: people who are moved by the requests and needs of others and especially their family, but even the best people are evil compared to God. It is not that human goodness is evil, it is just that the contrast between human goodness and God’s goodness is so great! However good a human being has been to you, God is SO MUCH better than even the best!

There is not a single believer who is an orphan. Whatever your natural experience has been, your Heavenly Father loves you and wants to increase you in every kind of blessing. ASK AGAIN today for whatever it is that you desire. I can guarantee that He is working on it!


Heavenly Father, thank you that you are my DADDY and you love me so very much. Right now I turn my faith towards you again. I cannot make happen the things I most desire right now; I need you to help me and to move on my behalf. Therefore today, I ASK AGAIN for you to make it happen for me as I have asked.

Thank you, Lord that you take notice of my persistence and you delight in my faith and expectation of seeing your love in action. I praise you ahead of time for my answer, because I know that you are faithful and you do all things well in my life, in Jesus’ name!

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