It’s time to switch addictions

Philippians 3:10

…That I may know Him…

Everyone in this world is hooked on something. Drugs or alcohol are obvious examples, but before you declare yourself exempt, have you ever been hooked on a man before? Or a woman?

Maybe you are hooked on power, or on hate. You can’t stop cussing, even though you know it’s wrong and you can’t work out why. Or maybe you are hooked on success? Or on approval? Or on sex? Or on intellectual conquest?

The issue of being in control in life is actually an illusion. The real question is, what controls you?

The problem is that we get hooked on all these things. Our day simply isn’t the same until we have felt the thrill of getting a shot of what we are hooked on. In my teenage years, when I backslid, I used to get high and I remember the urgency of needing to take that next hit. I could think about anything else.

Nowadays I have a different addiction. I am addicted to the MOST High. My day lacks vibrancy and intensity if I haven’t been in constant fellowship with Him. He is the addiction that is out and out good for us. And what is more, the same habitual patterns of behavior that supported that pursuit of the other thing, are also the key to our lives with God.

When you talk to Him TODAY, and you hear His voice TODAY, you will also be able to have faith for TODAY. One thing is for certain, yesterday’s word won’t cut it. Just as the manna in the desert could not be stored up and kept for the next day, so the Word of God must be fresh to be edible. Your spirit needs fresh food EVERY DAY!

We have to have this every day, or else starve. When We start to starve, we are at risk of making a permanent decision based on a temporary situation, because we have lost perspective. But once we set our hearts fully on Him, we won’t want to go a day without Him. We will take ourselves into His presence as our first priority every day.

If you know Him mentally, but your fellowship with Him is sporadic, because your attention is really on other things, you aren’t hooked on Him yet. There is no real peace in your soul and you are fighting to keep your behavior right. It’s not supposed to be like that.

Let me tell you this: whatever you THINK you need most, what you REALLY need is the tangible presence of the Holy Ghost upon you. When you seek Him first, you can guarantee that your other needs will be met. You are about to find out what real favor is, as you make Him the passionate pursuit of your life.

Decide today, I am switching addictions. From this day onwards, I am addicted to the Lord and to Him alone. I set aside every other passion and make it secondary to my passion for Him.


Heavenly Father, from today onwards, you are my passionate pursuit. Nothing and no one else can fulfill the deepest longings of my heart. I set my sights on you and you alone.

I yield to you and to your will. You are the only one who knows and loves me completely. Thank you for setting me free from being hooked on anything or anyone else but you. I am completely yours. In Jesus’ name.

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