This is how you can tell that it is time for promotion

John 15:2

Every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

Have you ever been in a season where life seems to be acting and behaving contrary to what you have set your faith on, and indeed moving in the opposite direction to what you feel it should look like?

If that is you, then you are in a pruning season. It doesn’t mean that you have got it all wrong, it means that you are a fruitful branch that is about to become even more fruitful for the Lord.  Promotion is closer than you think!

I have learned to be more grateful for the things the Lord prunes off of my life, and for the doors He closes than even for the opportunities and new things that come into my life. I used to cry when folk rejected me, but now I understand that if they had accepted me, I was ready to go with them, and it would have taken me away from my purpose. When God shut the door to that path, it was an act of mercy! If they had let me into their clique, I would have missed the will of God for my life!

When you walk with God, even the pain of loss has a purpose behind it. Just because you can’t see your way clear of it right now, doesn’t mean that God will not make something of it. The things that seem to fall away by accident or the people with whom it was impossible to reconcile – you may be crying about those situations right now, but give it five years- you will be thanking God and celebrating what He has done as He wove it all together in His divine purpose. You will look back and recognize the promotion that came in its wake.

I would like to say that the times God has done most in my life was when I was strong and things were going well, but in truth, He has accomplished more at my times of weakness. His grace and kindness has made an indelible mark on me, and I have come to conclude that anyone who has not experienced the pain of significant loss, is not fit to steward success. They will become too arrogant and misunderstand those who didn’t get the opportunity to make it. But when you know what it is to be pruned and to even hate God in the process because of the pain of it, you are ready to handle His people with genuine compassion and power.


Heavenly Father, thank you that your plan is for me to grow increasingly fruitful. By faith I thank you for the doors you are closing right now. I can’t see the purpose of the loss, but I trust you that you are at work in my life and that I will shout about it one day soon, because I know that promotion and fruitfulness are at hand.

I look forward to my season of greater fruitfulness, and I thank you that you know just how to handle me and how to turn my heart in the direction of your will and purpose. I trust you Lord!

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1 Comment on This is how you can tell that it is time for promotion

  1. I can say, I identify with this and it’s good to know something good is coming out of all my experiences. Thank you Lord.

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