Your gift will take you to the top

Proverbs 18:16

A man’s gift makes room for him,
And brings him before great men.

You need never worry that anyone has the power to keep your destiny hostage, because it is not people who make room for you in life, it is your gift.

Maybe the boss is not giving you a seat at the table right now, but he is not the one who decides how far you are going. Maybe he isn’t the one who has the power to take you where God wants you. If he sits on you and yet you keep working your gift, it is a rule of life that something is going to break open for you in spite of him.

Your gift is not simply your natural ability, it is your seed. Whether that takes the form of a talent that you use to make a contribution, or whether it is time and effort that you invest above and beyond the norm, your gift is the thing that you sow into your success. What are you investing in the thing you claim to want?

Consider what you are willing to invest in order to get a return. Are they frustrated with you because you won’t give much at work? You do the bare minimum so that you won’t get fired. Maybe you are afraid you will be taken for a ride; but life and God are noticing. The Lord sees what you do in secret and He rewards you openly.

If you want doors to open for you, and promotion to come, invest and sow like you are expecting to stand before great men. No matter how trapped you feel right now, your gift will get you out of there if you will work it!


Heavenly Father, thank you for your Word which lets me know I am never trapped and never stranded. Life may seem to have me in a barren place right now, but I know that I am coming out of that tight spot by means of my gift.

I declare in Jesus’ name that I refuse to complain about where I am right now. Instead I choose to invest my time, my efforts, my talents and my affections, as I believe for you to see and to reward me. Thank you that you are faithful, and you will never leave me to fade away in a corner. I declare today that my gift is making room for me and I will stand before great men. In Jesus’s name.






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