Never forget who you are

Song of Solomon 2:4

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.

Life wants you to forget who you are. Life wants to label you and shelve you, but you must on purpose remember, “I belong to God. I have an owner. I was bought with a price: the precious blood of Jesus.”

You are not your paycheck, or your diagnosis. You are not the setback or the names they call you as a result. Yes, we may be responsible, but that is no substitute for the One who watches over our lives, and who never sleeps or slumbers. There is nothing we have done that is stronger than the blood of Jesus and there is nothing about us that He cannot handle.

Our security is in the God of Heaven alone. Everything else will pass away – people fail you, your body may fail you, your finances may fail you, but when all is said and done, the Lord has inscribed you on the palm of His hands, and His banner over you is love. There is nothing as awesome as having God in your life.

The pressures you are facing may have made you forget how precious you are. The agenda of the devil is to make you panic and to conclude that you are abandoned and destitute because the Lord has surely forgotten you.  You can start believing that you are the worst person and maybe you deserve this; that maybe the things you dreamed about were never really meant to be. But that agenda will not have the last Word, because we can meet the Lord in our valley, and His gentleness will be what makes us great! He specializes in working out His amazing plan for ragamuffins like all of us! Look to Him today!


Heavenly Father, I am so grateful to you that your banner over me is love – not judgment, not impatience and not anger. You don’t cast me aside because of my failings. You have inscribed me on the palm of your hands. It is impossible for you to forget me.

My security is in you alone. My eyes are on you, and because you are good, I expect good in my future. I choose to reject panic and to believe you again today. Thank you, Lord.

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2 Comments on Never forget who you are

  1. In Jesus Name, Amen

  2. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah Exponentially!

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