Who will you fall in love with?

Have you ever realized that if you hang out with someone enough, it is quite possible that you will fall in love with them? That is why it is so important who you let into your inner circle, because before you know it you will be justifying why they should be around you, even though you know they are far from meeting your actual criteria for a husband or wife.

There are some people who should not even have the privilege to spend a lot of time with you. If they stay long enough you will start thinking they are cute, and you will start liking their music and then the music will be enough of an excuse for you to be together. Or you might end up jumping in the sack and then that will cloud everything!

Being infatuated with someone is like walking around drunk! Our judgment is impaired and our perspective is off balance. When we are in that place where everyone around us is telling us that the relationship is wrong, but we cannot see it, that has to be a warning sign to us.

Of course there is an extent to which we don’t allow the disapproval of others to affect our choices; but there should a just a handful of people whose opinion and comments we invite and trust. People who know us intimately and who are unequivocally looking out for us. I don’t mean an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, either! I am talking about a mom, a best friend, or a sister or brother.  Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, and who cares deeply about you. Since that person loves you, they will want you to be genuinely happy for the long haul! If they unanimously don’t like him or her, what is it that makes you so sure that you are a good match?

Of course we are not looking for a perfectly polished stone when we go mining for gold! But neither do we pick up a piece of dirt and start trying to polish it. There as to be enough of a sparkle for you to know that you can make something out of this! For example, the man you pick need not be rich, but he must not be lazy! Good character will outweigh lack of polish every time and set you up for a lifetime of growth and adventure together.


Heavenly Father, thank you for the wisdom to handle my relationships. I believe that you are working to set me up with relationships that feed and nurture my purpose in you.

Thank you for the strength to make boundaries around myself that will keep me from falling in love with the wrong person. Thank you that you fulfill the desires of my heart and show me your goodness in all my relationships. In Jesus’ name!

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3 Comments on Who will you fall in love with?

  1. Sylvia Charles // July 11, 2017 at 11:30 pm // Reply

    Thank you soo much. It’s very informative. Really appreciate.

  2. Sandra mubiana // July 12, 2017 at 1:51 am // Reply

    so powerful and its really the truth…

  3. I thank God for this message coz now, that I have the knowledge,I understand better that my ex-boyfriends mother wanted the best for him,,,I was always sick and full of anger y me,y my mother? But am happy to hear from you man of God .God bless you

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