You can access the realm of possibility

Mark 10:27

With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Your outcomes in life depend on who you are with. If you are with man, you are cut off from certain things, but if you hang out with the Lord, every possibility opens up to you!

If you are with the flesh and man’s systems you are right to be depressed, because men can’t do it. You are right to give up hope and to park your dream and prepare for your funeral, but I strongly suggest that you switch company and get with God, because the very thing that is out of your reach, becomes a real option for you when you do!

Human beings are wired to believe something. If you won’t believe the Word you believe that the enemy will prevail. If you don’t believe you will get well, you believe you are dying. If you don’t believe that reconciliation is possible, you believe in the spirit of division. I you don’t believe that your youth is renewed, you are set on growing old and deteriorating.

Are you on the Lord’s side today? Is your faith making you whole or taking away from you?

Faith in what God says lifts you to the realm of divinity. It pulls you into the same arena as God and allows you to get the same results as Him. When you will get with God, it doesn’t matter who has written you off, left you for dead, forgotten you or misunderstood you because you will have a different outcome from anything they have predicted for you.

Tell yourself to start believing the Word of God today, because we are working on getting the same results that God can get. Are you working on your believing? Don’t allow yourself to slip back into believing what natural men believe. Whatever the circumstances, stretch and believe God again.


Heavenly Father, I make a decision to believe your Word today regarding my situation. I lay aside depression, fear, hopelessness and despair. I will not believe the nay-sayers. I will not settle for less than what God says I can have.

I say that today is a good day. I declare that I have nothing missing and nothing broken today. All my needs are met today. I determine at the outset , that today I hang out with you, Lord, and I reject every discouraging and depressing thought. I embrace a spirit of victory because with You all things are possible, In Jesus’ name.


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  1. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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