God’s plan is for you to know Him as Father

John 14:16

I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.

An orphan is a person who has lost both parents when he or she is too young to take care of themselves. Orphans are vulnerable because they have no protection, no defense and no provision. They are on their own with no one to stand up for them.

When Jesus said He would not leave us as orphans, He was talking about giving us the ability to know God as our Father. Have you ever envied the disciples for how reassuring it must have been to have Jesus physically present?

Jesus knew how big a deal it was that He was going to the Father and leaving his disciples, and He said an amazing thing; He said He was sending “another comforter”. If someone took your five dollar bill but then gave you an identical one in return, that would qualify as “another five dollar bill’” When Jesus sent “another comforter” He was supplying exactly the same comfort and reassurance in another form: the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, whom God sent, is also known as the Spirit of adoption (Romans 8:15) or the Spirit of sonship (Galatians 4:6). His presence gives us something the Old Testament believers never had: a relationship with God not just as the Almighty, but as Father.

We are not orphans; we have a Father. We have a sponsor, a defender and a provider. The stuff you rely on to hold you up may fail you, but if you put your confidence in your Heavenly Father you are going to make it.

You may lose your job or lose a loved one or friend. You relied upon your body to work and be strong but maybe it betrayed you when something started to go wrong with it. You don’t need to wonder for a minute if you can still make it when your confidence is in your Father.

This relationship is so vital that the way you understand God as your Father will determine how excellent you are in life. When everything in your life seems to be falling part, you will rise and fall based on your revelation of who God is to you.

To live is to be vulnerable, but before you let the devil take you out, let the Holy Spirit in your heart cry, “Abba, Father!” Remember that He loves you. Remember that He is your strength and your shield and your very great reward. Your times are in His hands. Cry out to your Father today and rest in the reassurance of who HE is in your life.


Heavenly Father, thank you that YOU are my Father. Thank you that I can have the same relationship with you that Jesus has because you have not left me an orphan.

Right now I arrest the orphan spirit in my heart and I evict it from my life. I am not an orphan! I am protected. I am defended. You are my shield and my exceedingly great reward. You will never leave me or let me fall. I trust you, my Father. Thank you for revealing yourself to me more and more. In Jesus’ name!

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