God’s plan is that you shape your future with His Word

Deuteronomy 7:12

Then it shall come to pass, because you listen to these judgments, and keep and do them, that the Lord your God will keep with you the covenant and the mercy which He swore to your fathers.

When God releases a Word, He has to stay true to it. His Word is His covenant. Having spoken it, He will not change His mind.

What is more, He is never late. Moses was born on time. The Exodus took place at the exact moment that was prophesied; and when it was time for God to redeem us, He sent Jesus, right on time. God is always on time. You may think you are delayed, but your life is still on track, because God never drops the ball concerning His Word.

The prophet, Isaiah released a Word that Jesus bore our sickness and carried our disease, and then in Matthew 8:14-17, we find Jesus laying hands on people and healing them in accordance with that Word. It had to be fulfilled! That Word didn’t fall to the ground, God made sure that it came to pass.

The reason it is this way is because His Word, which is His covenant is a bond in blood. Unlike the Old Covenant, which was dependent on Israel keeping their part of the agreement, the New Covenant is already guaranteed. The Old Covenant is a DIATHIKE in the Greek, which means two parties are involved. God could never keep His part of the covenant to its fullest degree, because Israel kept breaking their part. But the Greek word for the New Covenant is SANTHIKE, which means that there is only one party involved.

God made the New Covenant in the blood of His Son. Its terms are met fully by Jesus’ obedience, and although we cannot break it, we are invited to get in on it. Now our part is to take the things that God has spoken and say, “It’s mine!”

Will you take hold of all the stuff that God has released in His Word and own it? The most powerful thing you can do concerning your future is to grab onto what God has said concerning the kind of life He wants you to have, and speak it over your life.

When you speak God’s Word you can start to get excited about your future, because the Word of the Lord is there waiting for you. It is worth staying the course, and getting up again, and trying one more time. We can’t give up now, because these promises are a covenant issue!

Take the Word today and speak it with boldness. Remind God of His promises and claim them, not because of your own righteousness, but because the covenant is sealed with the precious blood of Jesus. Then walk into your future with confidence. That Word is waiting for you there!


Heavenly Father, I am so grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice and for the awesome covenant that you have invited me into. I take hold of your Word today, because I know that your Word is your covenant. Thank you that you have said so many good things about my future, and I believe that you have stored up many good days for me.

As I remind you of your promises to heal, deliver protect and prosper me in every way, I am excited about my future. I know that you will fulfill the Word that I appropriate. Thank you Lord!

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1 Comment on God’s plan is that you shape your future with His Word

  1. Amen I thank God for fulfilling his promises he made through his word.

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