Hand over the greatest inheritance of all

Isaiah 60:3

The Gentiles shall come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising.

A man is a masterpiece. Every man comes loaded with potential to excel, to take risks, to push boundaries and to win! Every man has the capacity to hand to His child an outstanding inheritance.

Men are born to stand out and to handle business. God said you will stand before kings if you are excellent. You will be a cut above the rest. You will be the first among equals.

When you begin to excel you become light and bright and unbelievers are attracted to you. We have to engage with the unbelievers in the world of business because the unbelievers are gathering wealth that is destined to come into the hands of the people of God. We can do so without fear, because what we have by the blood of Jesus is more powerful than what they have.

As you rise, kings will come to the brightness of your rising. Kings are people with resource. They can open doors for you and help you to fulfil your purpose. They don’t come just because they like you, but because of how bright you are. Your destiny is to be sought after. If no one is looking for you yet, you are not shining enough for someone to head hunt you. But if you will rise, it will come to pass just as God intended for you.

Let me ask you this: what is your plan for rising?

Separate the pipe dreams, which are the ideas that you will never act on, from the plans that you are willing to follow through on. If you are going to go and get what you want, you might have to stop watching TV and become brilliant at your job until people know you are the answer man. If you prepare and you are ready, they will call for you even though you were doing something else. You won’t even be at the meeting but they will promote you in the presence of those who don’t even want you to be promoted, because it will be impossible to hide your excellence.

Get a vision for where you are going and how you will shine. A person with no vision has no future. A vision is an upward pull and without it you will always go back to what you have known. The good news is that you can become something different. The challenge is that you won’t see it straight away.

Keep walking. Don’t run away from the church or your business because your past is about to catch up with you. God has your back. Becoming a man of honor and a man of excellence is the greatest inheritance that you will hand over to your child. That is who you are!


Heavenly Father, thank you for the men in my life. Thank you that we can commit to becoming excellent together, because iron sharpens iron.

Thank you that vision is your design. Right now, I receive a vision for my life, to be able to leave an inheritance of integrity, honor and strength for my children. I make a quality decision that I am going to the top! I will do what it takes to rise and kings will come to the brightness of my rising. In Jesus’ name!

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1 Comment on Hand over the greatest inheritance of all

  1. jesta masuku // June 18, 2017 at 5:58 am // Reply

    These are truly prophetic words.

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