What will it take to rule in life?

Proverbs 22:6-7

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it

The rich rules over the poor,
And the borrower is servant to the lender.

There is a crucial fact of life that we must understand and train our kids to know if we are ever going to fulfill the purposes of God in the Earth, and it is this: the rich person will always rule over the poor man.

No matter how much we have it going on in any other area of life, until we gain mastery over money, it will have ruler ship over us. We may sign our emails flamboyantly, “Servant of the Most High God”, but if we don’t have money, we may as well add “Servant to Mastercard and the Mortgage Company”!

Our mandate in the Earth is to have dominion and to rule and reign in this life. We are supposed to fill the Earth and subdue it, bringing all things under one head – Jesus Christ. But we will never fulfill our purpose in the magnitude that we have perceived it in our spirit until we have ruler ship over the world of money.

I told the Lord that I want Him to separate my making a living from my purpose. I refuse to be like so many pastors who are controlled by the biggest givers to their ministry. They shorten the services to suit them, and even hold off from preaching what they don’t want to hear, in case they leave.

So I took a year to master the world of money, so that every vision in me can come to fruition, without the rich man ruling over me.

God spoke to the Apostle Paul and told him that He was delivering him from the people to whom He was sending Him.  You can never minister effectively to people who control you. When people under my ministry give me an offering, it isn’t to buy me a Rolls Royce, because God has given me the power to buy my own Rolls Royce! Even though I have a right to receive natural things in return for spiritual things, like the Apostle Paul, I choose to put that privilege to one side to preserve the integrity of the vision God has placed in my heart.

Your purpose in God should not be held ransom to your need to pay bills. That is why the most precious thing that money can buy is time – time that is yours to spend on the things that matter, such as your family, your loved ones and the Kingdom of God. Heaven’s perspective is that you call the shots in your own life. Will you dare to go there?


Heavenly Father, thank you for decreeing that I should rule and reign in life. I am a king in this world and you have placed a purpose in me to use my life to bless humanity. Let it be known right now that I intend to fulfill it!

I receive my mandate to rule and to master money so that it does not master me. Thank you that you are able to restore time and opportunity to me, so that I can spend my life on what really matters.

By faith I make a declaration that from this day forward I am free from the control of money. I serve YOU and YOU ALONE! Thank you, Lord!

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2 Comments on What will it take to rule in life?

  1. This is real great. Amen & thank you!

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