Your Case is Coming up for Review

1 Samuel 15:18

And did not the Lord anoint you king over Israel? Now the Lord sent you on a mission, and said, ‘Go, and utterly destroy the sinners, the Amalekites, and fight against them until they are consumed.’  Why then did you not obey the voice of the Lord? Why did you swoop down on the spoil, and do evil in the sight of the Lord?

One of the worst things you can do is for GOD to give you an opportunity and you don’t walk through and occupy the position that God is giving to you.

People get confused when they fail to realize that the open door is all that God provides for any of us. After that it is up to us to move in and occupy the room.

He gave you the job, and now it is your responsibility to work at it with all your might; to put in the very best of you and to give it all your creativity, commitment and passion. Even if it isn’t the job you wanted, you will not qualify to move up until you are too big for this place. Determine, “I am far and away the best waiter in this restaurant, the best teller in this bank, the best consultant on the team, the most specialized nurse in this hospital.”

He gave you the relationship, and now it is up to you to be the best friend, or husband, or wife that anyone could wish for. He gave you this place at the university, and now it is up to you to study hard and to read around your subject until you are more of a specialist than the professor himself!

When God gives you the open door, don’t let them have to come looking for you, like Samuel had to come to check out what Saul had been doing, because he wasn’t being faithful to his mission. Faithfulness always brings with it a reward.

You can never give of your best and fail to receive your compensation. The salary right now might be far from a reflection of the effort you are putting in, and the recognition may simply not be happening, but this is an equitable world. Everyone will get paid exactly what they put in. If you do so much work, and no one is paying you right now, don’t withdraw and get despondent; sooner or later it will be pay day at your house because a false balance is an abomination to God. He will always make sure the books balance. Trust Him, because your case is coming up for review today!


Heavenly Father, thank you for your goodness to me, in giving me opportunities and open doors. I recognize your hand on my life because I know that every good and perfect thing I enjoy came from you. I acknowledge the opportunities you have given me right now – in the area of relationships, parenting, studying, places of influence and open doors to make something happen for you.

Thank you for the grace and the wisdom to maximize every opportunity; to handle things rightly and to be the best I can be in every situation. I trust you, that as I give above and beyond what is strictly required, that you are my God of recompense; you are my great reward. Thank you, Lord!

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4 Comments on Your Case is Coming up for Review

  1. Lord, I trust you

  2. Wow, you’re so right. God often opens doors for us and then we go through and blow it. I’m glad that you pointed out that we have to give our very best in the situation we are in before we can be trusted with more.

    Great read and reminder!

  3. Emmanuel Mumba // May 25, 2017 at 1:55 pm // Reply

    Thank you Father for providing open doors of opportunities in my life. I choose today to work extra hard in my present responsibilities, and I believe You are impartial in rewarding those who put in their best.Glory be to God Almighty for transforming my life and meeting me at the very point of need through Jesus Christ Amen.

  4. Cheleka Yuri // June 27, 2017 at 8:48 am // Reply

    Indeed it is time my case is reviewed in jesus name.powerful teaching

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