Distinction is your inheritance

Isaiah 61:1

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me,
Because the Lord has anointed Me
To preach good tidings to the poor;

The true nature of poverty is not an absence of wealth, so much as absence of dignity. We rub people up the wrong way when we treat them as less than we are based on what they have or don’t have. We use economics as an excuse to take away their dignity. You will never have any place in the heart of someone whom you treat with no dignity.

Have you had your dignity stolen so many times that you now feel that you deserve to be treated that way?

The reason why people get straight into another abusive relationship after getting out of the last one, is because they believe that they deserve that kind of treatment. They believe the lie that they brought it on themselves.

You will repeat things all the time that you fail to separate how someone else acted from your response. You must come to the place where you recognize that no one MADE you act a certain way, but you chose to do so. When that happens, you are ready to break your cycle of sameness.

Before we blame everyone, who doesn’t give us deference and dignity, we must check ourselves. Are we providing people with the ammunition to treat us without dignity by being locked into our own smallness?

Instead of focusing on the sting of others’ mistreatment, start carrying yourself as if you are someone, because God has declared that you are a person with equal worth to all men.

The passion God has for you, and the price He has paid for you must be real enough to you that you change the way you see yourself. Not only that, but the future He has promised you means that any lack you are suffering right now is temporary; you are on a journey of increase! Keep that vision strong within your heart.

Don’t let anyone despise you because of what you are dealing with right now, or because of what you don’t have yet. You are worthy of respect at every stage of your journey, so carry yourself like it! If you want to be deemed distinguished, act distinguished! Distinction is your inheritance in Christ. Don’t throw it away!

Help yourself by paying attention to some basic ways of behaving that will build your sense of dignity. Take care of your personal presentation, hold your head up, and treat others with respect too – not as a subordinate, but one who affords others dignity. Let the Spirit of the Lord raise you up out of that place of feeling undeserving to where you take your place at the King’s table where you belong!


Heavenly Father, thank you that with you there is restoration. Thank you that you afford me dignity, honor and great worth.

Today I ask for your grace and help to move out of every place where I accept mistreatment, by changing the image I have of myself.

Thank you, also, for showing me where I have treated others wrongly and looked down on them because they are broken down right now. Make me an agent of change in their lives, as I start to treat them with the dignity they deserve as human beings. Thank you, Lord!

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2 Comments on Distinction is your inheritance

  1. Emmanuel Mumba // May 24, 2017 at 12:07 pm // Reply

    Thank you Lord for allowing me to face temporary setbacks as means of bringing me closer and depend on You. Father, by Your grace I position myself for supernatural transformation in every area of my life through Jesus Christ Amen.

  2. Word!

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