Are You Ready for Your Moment?

John 1:29

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

Most people who are brilliant cannot see their own greatness. Even Jesus need someone to point Him out! Thank God for people who point us out and believe in us. Jesus was just a carpenter’s boy, but from that moment on, He started His ministry.

Today we are going to release our faith for people who see you. By that I don’t mean simply outwardly, but those who perceive the good in you; your potential and your worth. They are like Boaz – they watch from a distance while you glean, and even while you struggle they can see that you are worth helping. They can see that you have a king or a queen on the inside of you.

Your part is this: you must understand that at any one point, you are on show. Boaz will watch you before he talks to you. Who is it that has watched you from a distance and never even given you the opportunity to talk to them, but concluded that you’re not the one to help them get to where they are going?

The unfortunate part is that they won’t even ask you. We rarely get the privilege to be present when the decisions are made. They will have conversations about you, so you need to look like where you are going, not try to fit in with the people you are around.  Even while life seems to be hum drum, and opportunities seem to be lacking, carry yourself like you are going somewhere. You never know who is watching you, who can open doors for you and become the trigger that you need to break through into your calling.

If you don’t think you want to do that, you can’t have it both ways. Every choice has inbuilt consequences. Even in relationships, the man or woman of our dreams isn’t going to love you the way you are. God may look at the heart, but people are flesh and blood. You will need to look sharp, to make an effort dressing well and taking responsibility for how you present yourself.

When David was chosen from among his brothers to be king, his character already showed on his face. He had already been working on Himself in the background. He had the right heart AND the attributes that made him stand out.

Today you may be uncertain about the exact nature of your gift and calling, and the full extent of your greatness may yet be hidden from you, but make a determination that you will do your part and that you will not die until we have seen you in your glory. God is about to send someone your way who is anointed to take you there!


Heavenly Father, thank you for your wisdom and for the way you prepare us for our destiny and calling. Today I make a decision to do my part in making sure that I rise to my full potential in life. I step over discouragement and I set my faith to believe again for someone who will see the greatness in me.

Thank you for the opportunities that you are sending my way to rise higher. I am asking you to send people who will believe in me, open doors for me and show me favor and kindness just as Boaz did for Ruth. I am believing you for the presence of mind to discern my moment and to step up when it comes. I declare right now that I will not die before I have shone with the glory that you have designed for me. Thank you, Lord.

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4 Comments on Are You Ready for Your Moment?

  1. Amen thank you Lord for giving me the spirit in believing in you.

  2. Emmanuel Mumba // May 19, 2017 at 12:38 pm // Reply

    Thank you Lord that You are working behind the scene aligning people and resources that will see Your divine plan over my life fulfilled. I may not understand the situation I am in,but the DREAMS AND VISIONS YOU SHOWED ME are still in my mind. I believe You showed me what You are about to do in my life. Help me Lord to discern when that time comes so that I don’t miss the opportunity to be what You meant me to be.May the WILL AND PLAN OF GOD BE DONE OVER MY LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST AMEN.

  3. Emmanuel Mumba // May 19, 2017 at 12:59 pm // Reply

    Thank you Pastor, you are really speaking to me through this post.I believe God Has a purpose for this link and it is my prayer that my testimony will come through this communication. Pastor, kindly continue interceding and I believe God will reveal to you clearly what your role is over my calling. Stay blessed

  4. This blog has ministered to me. Thank you Sir.

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