How to turn your situation around

James 3:3

Indeed, we put bits in horses’ mouths that they may obey us, and we turn their whole body

When you consider what you are facing right now, do you feel helpless to turn your defeat into victory?

Let me reassure you straight out, that whatever you are going through, and however many times you have failed before, you can still frame your world by the words of your mouth.

When we put a bit into a horse’s mouth it takes care of the untrained nature of the horse. Everywhere where you keep getting defeated because you can’t hold a course, or because of your lack of skill, you can put a bit in it. That bit is the Word of God.

Psalm 103: 5 says that the Lord satisfies our mouths with good things. This isn’t talking about food; this is talking about the Word. When we speak it, we are satisfied with the fruit of our lips, which is that Word coming to pass in our lives.

Many people think that we speak words only to govern others, or that circumstances would obey us, but the greater part of speaking words is to govern our own soul and plot our own course. James 3: 1-2 tells us that if we can govern our words, we can control our whole body, and we are a perfect human being!

When we control ourselves, we gain mastery in life. Nothing is beyond us and no one can gain mastery over us. Regardless of who releases words over us, they have no power until we also start to speak them.

Pressures in life are trying to provoke you to speak in desperation, in defeat and in fear. But if you will have the discipline to start to speak your victory, instead of echoing what life is telling you, and joining in with the messages of doom that others may be predicting concerning you, nothing can stop you.  

Instead of contemplating voicing your sense of inadequacy about the exam, the interview, the first date, the promotion or the test, put a bit in your mouth. Declare, “I can do this! I come through with flying colors!” Your words will take authority over your inability, until you start to grasp what you need to do to succeed.

When the prophet declares a Word of power, start declaring it for yourself. Take that Word and make it yours. You are the most trusted and authoritative person in your own life. The Word might have been released, but now you have to take it like a bit, and put it in your own mouth, in order to see it come to pass. You are getting ready to turn the course of your whole life in that direction!


Heavenly Father, today I face the trials of my life with new determination. Thank you that you have given me a way to overcome every obstacle, including my own inability to do what it takes.

Today I choose to say what the Word says concerning me. I choose to put a bit in my own mouth and deny myself the right to talk fear and defeat. I declare that I am more than a conqueror in every situation I face; I am the head and not the tail and I CAN DO IT! There’s no wall of containment in my life that I can’t go through by means of the Word in my mouth. Thank you, Lord!

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