Setting children up for success

Psalm 127:3

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.

Just like our Heavenly Father, all of us want our kids to get ahead in life., and there is a simple way we can give them the advantage without great expense: get the focus of your home right.

If you are more preoccupied with making your kids happy than your husband or wife, something is out of balance at your home. If your wife secretly resents the attention and affection you lavish on your son or daughter, or even on the dog, you have adjustments to make!

The center of the home needs to be the marriage partnership. Your spouse must know that they are number one on your agenda, and when that is the case, the kids will know it too. Instead of making them feel neglected, it will benefit them, because a secure marriage gives the children the foundation they need to be secure and to find their flow.

Having a strong marriage and taking the focus off the kids gives them a correct value system for life. They know that life is not all about them, and that is a vital part of their maturing. Even if you are raising kids alone, you can still take them to environments that are part of the adult world, such as the bank, the house of a friend where there are no other kids to play with and the restaurant where they have to sit quietly and eat decently with everyone else. They might complain that they are bored, but developing an ability to handle a world that will not always be tailored around them and their interests, will cause them to stand out.

In order for their maturity to give them the edge, they must understand what it means to sacrifice, to yield and to contribute in an adult setting. Some children grow up selfish because vacations are always at the amusement park, food is always hot dogs and burgers and the weekends are scheduled around their sports fixtures; the demand has never been made on them to be anything else.

Treat them with respect, take care of their needs, enjoy age-appropriate things with them, and in addition, let them know that they won’t be children forever. There is a place for them in a world where they will have to stand alone and be courageous. Let them know, without a doubt, they HAVE what it takes to win!



Heavenly Father, thank you for your wisdom concerning my home and my children. Thank you that you give us the advantage in life because you show us things to come. Thank you for showing me the power of treating my kids like they can handle the adult world ahead of time.

I receive your grace to get the balance of my home right, and I thank you that you are at work in every member of my family to bring your will to pass in our lives. Thank you, Lord!

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  1. Thank you Lord, Amen

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