How to activate the will of God

Proverbs 23:7

For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Did you ever leave a garden untended and come back some time later to find it better than when you left it?

Of course that is never our experience! When we come back the entire garden is overgrown with weeds. The natural world is decaying, not appreciating, and if we let our thoughts about our lives go the same way, we will not be able to manifest the will of God in the Earth.

God’s plan for us is to increase more and more; to get better and to prosper. His will is that we are fruitful, blessed and a blessing our whole lives long. Whatever our age or stage of life, He always has something good in our future. But if we are to live out that life and experience His goodness, we will have to respond to the upward pull of His Word.

We will have to choose to have great thoughts, great aspirations and great vision. We will have to set the bar high for ourselves in every way. If we simply go with the flow, absorbing every popular opinion that we hear, and agreeing with what it looks like, we are going nowhere.

Unless we decide, “I am going to be an excellent person!” it will never happen. Until we make up our minds, “I am going to be healthy and live to see my children’s children!” We will just go on eating all that junk food and failing to take care of ourselves.

When you make a decision, “I am going to be the best husband that any man could be! I am going to love God and bless humanity” You get on the road to manifestation. Until that happens you will remain average.

Some people cannot increase financially, because they have not taken the decision that wealth and riches will be in their house. They are still waiting to see if God does something for them, but it doesn’t work that way! Your decision is the open door into your new reality.

Don’t let where you came from turn you into a victim. Count it a privilege that you get to be a barrier breaker and a pace setter. You are never more powerful than when you have a made-up mind about something. Decide to be awesome today!

Pray and decide

Heavenly Father, thank you that your plan for me is to rise and be amazing. Thank you for your Word which speaks to me about possibilities, and lets me know your awesome will for my life.

Today I choose to make a decision. I am going to be an excellent person. I am going to fulfill every plan and purpose that you have for me. I am going to see my children’s children and wealth and riches are in my house. Thank you, Father, that your perfect will is coming to pass in my life even RIGHT NOW!

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