He is calling YOU

John 11:25

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.

When Jesus came to the tomb of Lazarus, His friends Mary and Martha had two common problems that believers still have today: Martha thought that if things had been different, Jesus could have done it; and Mary thought that Jesus would do it sometime in the future; but Jesus confounded them both when he declared, “I AM the resurrection and the life!” In other words, “THIS IS HAPPENING NOW!”

Maybe you have no integrity in your praise and no excitement in your relationship with God because you believe He could have done it if you had done better, and He will do it on the last day, but you don’t know that God is working on it right now!

All it needed for Lazarus to come out was for Jesus to call him. “Lazarus! Come forth!” Whatever died in your life, I see a resurrection happening. Can you hear Him calling you?

You might be at the place where you don’t think you can carry on. You feel like there is no difference between you and the unbeliever who is stranded at the graveside, with no hope and no choice but to walk away empty.

The seeming finality of that grave where you buried that person, that relationship, your hopes, your dreams – does it intimidate you? Many people have never had anything, or anyone they truly loved to die, but if you have, you know what it is like to wonder if you will ever get up again.

I am not telling you what I heard in a sermon, I am telling you what I know when I say that God sent Jesus to heal your broken heart, and to breathe life into you again.

Let his Spirit of renewal wash over you today. God released the exceeding greatness of His power so that you and I would not be stranded, and nothing can overwhelm us, however final it may seem.

Because of the resurrection power that has been released towards us, everything that was ever weak about you, has to be raise up in power! Sorrow has no hold on you; regrets and lost accomplishments cannot keep you down. The Lord is working on your situation RIGHT NOW! Can you hear His voice, calling you to come forth?


Heavenly Father, Thank you for your Spirit of life and of renewal. I receive renewal today in the name of Jesus. I confront weakness, sorrow and hopelessness in my life and I speak resurrection power. I declare that when I consider your great love and the greatness of your power, I hear your voice calling me forth. Thank you, Lord, for calling me.

And I declare that I believe that you are working in my life right now to bring life out of death. I believe that my answers and my breakthroughs are happening now, because there is nothing too difficult for you. I place my trust in you today. Thank you, Lord!


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3 Comments on He is calling YOU

  1. Deborah Chater // April 21, 2017 at 3:06 am // Reply

    Healing words for my dry soul! Thank you so much!

  2. Everything that was ever weak in my life is being raised up in Power now in Jesus Name Amen!

  3. Amen praise be to God for being at work for me all the time.

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