The beauty of a woman

Luke 23:55-56

And the women who had come with Him from Galilee followed after, and they observed the tomb and how His body was laid. Then they returned and prepared spices and fragrant oils. And they rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment.

When God created a woman, He gave her unique characteristics and a powerful female identity. Whatever is popular in the world in terms of gender differentiation, God has not changed His mind! Many women don’t even understand who they ought to be in this generation, but it is still the case that as a woman embraces her Heaven-sent nature and identity, she is maximized in who God intended her to be.

Not only that, but as the men in her life, both at home and in the work place, take heed of her unique combination of strength and fragility, and learn to treat her with the honor she deserves, relationships flow. Here are some keys to understanding the nature of a woman.

A woman was created to be a helper. She is anointed to bring out whatever help is required at any given time. She is able to take whatever project comes her way and adds her skills to making it better, extending it and bringing it greater scope than was originally expected.

Concerning romantic love, a woman wants to know, “Am I worth pursuing?” and “Can I hold the attention of a man for the whole of our lives?” She often feels insecure if she doesn’t get that reassurance, but she thrives when her man gives her consistency in his loving. Her challenge is to continue to give him something to pursue by continually appreciating and developing herself. This will keep the sense of romance fresh.

A woman is an incubator. She receives, develops and multiplies whatever she is given. She has the ability to turn a man into a king. A wise man will run things past her first and let her incubate the ideas. She will be the wind beneath his wings and the one who completes what he has begun.

A woman approaches life from an experiential perspective. Men go through life not feeling a great deal, but she is emotional. Her intuition is real and her instincts are to be trusted, because she perceives things that a man misses. She brings color, life and depth to an all-male environment.

When a woman marries, she must give up her fierce independence as she gains the companionship of her husband. When a woman starts to complete instead of competing, she is powerful.

A woman who is maximized in her strength is often intimidating to a man. She will be intelligent, intuitive, good-looking, deep, articulate, forward thinking, educated, gifted, and anointed; the hallmark of a strong man, is not a six pack, but the ability to handle a woman with honor and respect.

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  1. Profound, Amen.

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