The curse is over

Jeremiah 31:29

In those days they shall say no more:

‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes,
And the children’s teeth are set on edge.’

One of the toughest realizations to face is that there is a prevailing wind in your family, a certain pattern of behavior and a repetition of a certain type of outcome. No one sits you down and teaches you to be a certain way, but it is ingrained from childhood and it can be like a curse over your life.

King David had issues with women and so did his sons. He was told regarding Bathsheba, “What you have done in secret, your sons will do openly.” Things did not get better, they got worse!

Under the Old Covenant, God’s justice caused Him to visit the sins of the fathers onto the children. If grandad was conniving, all the little grandchildren would be lying tricksters. If mama was depressed, the children were also prone. The sinful bent of the family continued to the third and fourth generation. The Bible calls this “iniquity.”

Yet when Jeremiah was looking forward to the times of the New Covenant, he made this prophetic declaration, that no one will talk about generational curses anymore!

What Jesus did on the cross is often under-estimated by Christians. His body was disfigured beyond that of any man’s with the weight of sin; He bored the stripes of the whip that tore His flesh for our healing, and at the end of it all, He said one more thing, “I thirst!” He was given the sour wine to drink and only then did He declare, “It is finished!”

No sin that you have every committed has power over you. You don’t have to repeat it and teach your children to do the same. That sour wine represented the generational curse of human iniquity. He drank that cup for us, and that means that you and I can live a sour grape free life!

What your great uncle did now has no effect on you. Even if you came from a family of Satanists who promised you to the devil at birth, you are not bound by any of what they did. The moment you decide to shake it off, and take hold of the future God has for you, you can do it!

The things that your family did before you will not determine your future. The moment you believed, you became a new creation in Christ. The old has gone and the new has come. It is time to celebrate and lay hold of the fullness of it for your life. Take hold of the Word of God that speaks of the future you want and let it become your new reality. Believe it and receive your freedom to go to the top, because nothing is stopping you!


Heavenly Father, thank you that Jesus suffered and died for me. Thank you that He drank the sour wine, and His teeth were set on edge for me; He redeemed me completely from the curse. I accept and receive what He has done and in Jesus’ name, I declare that there is nothing from my past or from my ancestry that has any hold over me whatsoever!

I am born again! I am a new creation in Christ Jesus and I let go of the thought that things have to be this way in my life and family because of what my grandparents did,  or even because of what I did. I refuse to be held back any longer. I decide right now that I am free from every curse and I yield to your Word and to your Spirit to bring to pass your perfect will in my life. I am the redeemed of the Lord, and I say so! Thank you, Lord!

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1 Comment on The curse is over

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for redeeming me from the curse, Amen.

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