The power to change

James 1:21

So get rid of all uncleanness and all that remains of wickedness, and with a humble spirit receive the word [of God] which is implanted [actually rooted in your heart], which is able to save your souls.(AMP)

If you have lived a little while, you will have already worked out that the power to change is not within you. Will power will only take you so far, and beyond that you frustrate your own attempts by going back to exactly what you wanted to leave. But God has a way for you to win!

Self help techniques sound so convincing and attractive, and going for therapy will help you work through your thoughts, but sooner or later it will dawn that the root issues are not changing. That is because the place of change is your spirit, not your soul.

For example, if you ever heard it said that you have the power to forgive yourself and you try to act on that, you will know that it cannot make you feel better about what you did. There is no power in it.

Forgiveness is not something you can release towards yourself. Forgiveness is expensive and it is a spiritual benefit that is only possible because of the blood that Jesus shed. Receive His forgiveness by faith and get happy about what He has done for you. Then even your conscience will be cleansed; but the whole thing happens in your spirit. It doesn’t originate in your mind or your will power.

The Word of God contains the answers you need. The Word of God is spiritual substance and when you hear it preached under the anointing, by someone who has the grace to reveal its meaning, it strikes your spirit with a whole new revelation of how life works. It explodes in your heart and floods your mind with light. Notice your mind is powerfully affected as you think differently than you ever have done, but the miracle took place in your spirit.

Only when this happens can change actually occur.

It might be a bold question, but are you wasting your time in church? Has it been years since you heard anything preached that brought real change to your life?

The Word has to come with enough life breathed into it that it will enter your heart, not just your head. It has to be implanted and it has to take root within you. If not you will be born again in your spirit, but experiencing life just the same way as an unbeliever. Born again but living in just as much depression, anger, unforgiveness and defeat as if you didn’t know God.

Lasting change is possible. Position yourself where you can receive the Word and welcome transformation. It will bless you.


Heavenly Father, thank you for your Word, which has the power to bring actual change to my life. I am not trapped or stuck because you are the One, whose power does the work in me through your Word.

I make a decision to position myself to hear your Word taught from someone who can bring genuine revelation to my heart, to receive that Word with humility. I acknowledge that I need you Lord, to do what I cannot do within myself, and I believe that the change that your Word brings will empower me to have victory in every area of my life.

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