Your Sunday morning is closer than it seems

1 John 4:17

Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.

Do you imagine that one day you will stand before God to be judged? If so, you should change your expectation right now!

There are two seats of judgement awaiting humanity; the great white throne is where unbelievers will stand to find out their eternal destiny, but for believers there will be no such moment. Our eternal destiny is already decided, so we get to stand before the judgment seat of Christ, where there are only rewards and crowns prepared for us!

The day of judgment referred to in this verse is the day of reckoning, when those things that you don’t believe you deserve suddenly land on your life and you find yourself in a fight you didn’t expect. The Bible calls it an evil day.

Everyone gets the opportunity to experience an evil day, and when we do, it can be overwhelming. The enemy seems to plan to knock you down, and then, seeing that you have a little strength left, he goes for you again. If it was just one knock it would be easy to bounce back, but when things come again and again, it can be so painful that we start to think that there is really no point in serving God.

Satan wants to sift us, like he sifted Peter. He wants us to abandon our faith, and sometimes, it can be the biggest fight of all simply not to become a cynic.

I am so grateful for Jesus, my intercessor. Even if everyone else has forgotten me, He prays for me! The house, the car, the marriage can all be taken, but I will not let go of Him. Everything that you and I lose in our day of judgment, if we will believe Him, He will perform a powerful work of restoration in our lives.

Even when it seems like you no longer have what it takes, and when every single thing seems to be against you, I adjure you to judge Him faithful in your trial. Take hold of your boldness again, because God loves you enough not to let the devil ruin your life!

Imagine being Jesus, smitten by your own Father, lying in the weakness of death because He had a greater purpose in mind. What do you do when you are not sure if Sunday morning is coming?

Let me tell you this: NOTHING can separate you from His love, and if you have Him, you have the promise of resurrection, because he IS the resurrection and the life!

If your situation seems as dead as Jesus in the grave right now, and it is as dark as Saturday evening at your house, Sunday morning is closer than you think! Even now He is turning your mourning into dancing. Believe Him again!


Heavenly Father, thank you for your faithfulness. I know that you are good and your love endures forever. I know you weren’t asleep when the enemy came to my house. Thank you, Lord that you are still there for me, and you have a future and a reward for me.

Thank you for praying and interceding, Lord. I renew my faith in you. My life has to come up because you will never fail me. I renew my boldness today, and I know that nothing will separate me from the answers and the power that bring about my resurrection from these dead situations. I believe that my Sunday morning is closer than it seems. Thank you, Lord!

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