Your best days are here

Psalm 5:12

For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield.

Did you know that God has appointed people to favor you in your life? It doesn’t matter where you start out, or who is against you, God will include you even when others are working hard to exclude you!

As the righteousness of God in Christ, you carry a blessing which makes you like a cork in water. Whenever life tries to press you down, the favor of God keeps pushing you back up to the top!

You may be like Ruth, right now – feeling like a foreigner, with no advantages and no one to sponsor you. You might be picking up handfuls wherever you can, and working hard to survive in a hostile environment. Don’t die in your valley!

Just as God raised up Boaz in Ruth’s life, taking her from gleaning to owning the fields, He will do it for you too.

He will raise up someone to believe in you and to be a midwife to your dream. He will make your life a statement of possibility, because He will make a testimony out of you to show what He can do with a person who doesn’t have it going on! The stone which the builders rejected will become the chief cornerstone., It won’t be because you and I deserve it; He will do it just because He is good and there is no unrighteousness in Him.

Even in old age He will cause you and I to flourish and bear fruit. It is never too late for God to do something awesome with your life, so get ready to bounce back from wherever life has taken you!

God has no plan B except for you to trust Him. If things change, God never changes. You still have a God who holds your life in the palm of His hand, and your best days are still to come. Believe Him again today!


Heavenly Father, thank you that you are on my side. In everything I go through, you always make a way for me. You are so good!

Thank you for your favor which surrounds me like a shield today. Thank you for raising up people to help me, to believe in me and to act as a trigger to the next phase of my life. Thank you that I am blessed and that you treat me far better than I could ever deserve. I honor you for your goodness today. Thank you, Lord!

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2 Comments on Your best days are here

  1. deborahchater // April 6, 2017 at 2:55 am // Reply

    Straight for me!! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Thank you Lord for your Goodness, Amen.

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