Don’t let the saints run you out of church!

John 3:17

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

Have you ever had your faults and mistakes publicized? If so you will know how traumatic it is, and how humiliated and exposed you feel when that happens; especially when the hearers then join in to agree how wrong you were!

This has been the experience of many people in the church. We have become so good at condemning people that we almost don’t need any help from outside! It starts with spreading the message, “We should pray for sister X, have you seen what a mess her marriage is in? She just doesn’t know how to submit to her husband”. From there the grapevine works overtime and before you know it, the whole church is calling sister X a Jezebel!

It’s time we vowed not to be a part of condemning anybody, because Jesus didn’t come to condemn, He came to save. How many people could have found genuine answers in church if we had not shunned them when they messed up in the name of upholding a righteous standard?

People go through life bitter because of what the church did to them. There is no one as mad as someone whom the church has rubbed the wrong way. And the irony is, that it’s not even just the believers that Jesus refuses to condemn, it is the world too!

How many Christians do you know who love the world like that? Who will refrain from having a condemning attitude towards the killers and the rapists; because Jesus doesn’t? It’s time for us to get hold of the fact that He came into the world to save, not condemn, and so must we.

There is something unnatural about a church that destroys those who are down and beats up on their wounded. True spirituality is proven by our focus on saving, restoring and healing those who mess up. And if you have been on the receiving end of the believers’ harshness, recognize that they did not represent the heart of God towards you in your challenges. It’s time to forgive, because for any relationship to last, you will have to love them even when they are wrong.

Today make a decision that you will not let anyone run you out of the church, and neither will you make the church an unbearable environment for someone else.  You will be an agent of the love of God to everyone you meet.

Pray and decide

Heavenly Father, right now I give to you every bitter experience that I have ever had in church. I thank you that you were never on the side of those who condemned me for my faults or shut me out of their circle because of what was wrong with me. I decide to forgive them and love them, because I will not return condemnation onto them for what they did.

If there is anyone who ever felt that they could not come to church because of my coldness towards them, please forgive me, Lord. I decide right now to be an agent of salvation in the lives of all that I meet. I yield to your love within me and thank you that you empower me to lift others. Their lives will be better because they know me. Thank you, Lord!

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2 Comments on Don’t let the saints run you out of church!

  1. Thank you Lord, Amen.

  2. I stand flat footed and refuse to give the saints that kind of power over me, Jesus is the only one who has that kind of power the saints cannot save anyone, and who are we as humans anyway to feel that we have that right to exercise condemnation on anyone!? Thank God for correct teaching, I am learning to be quick to forgive and keep short accounts

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